T/Error - Rindler Horizon

Roman Electro gladiator T/Error, responsible for a plethora of envelope-pushing releases on labels like Bass Agenda, Stilleben, Body Control, and Fundamental Records, signs a new opus to brand new imprint LDI Records.

Headed by none other than Erik Griffioen aka Lloyd Stellar, LDI Records' first vinyl adventure by the Italian Electro mastermind, promises to send chills down your spine with eerie vibes throughout, backed by wildly concocted sonic artistry that dives deep into the machines to uncover some really captivating sound effects, and programming.

Songs like "Futurevision" for example, will remind the listener of some of the best works by legendary duo Drexciya, where bubbly, tightly sequenced programs and haunting pads and stabs speak an almost alien language. Others like "All The Clocks In The World"; which seems influenced a bit by the sound of artists like A Credible Eye Witness, is a bit like the soundtrack to a walk in the cemetery at the egde of town. Spooky pads here give way to devious, slightly piercing melodies that almost seem to lure you in as the fog surrounds you. Thankfully the analog tones will keep you warm as you traverse across this lonely, yet somehow sinister landscape that will keep you looking over your shoulder the entire time.

In total there are 7 songs on this album, very versatile in rhythm styles ranging from the slightly old school influenced like the opening track "Tachyonic Antitelephone", to the more intrepid, shrewd and even bass heavy like as in "Gravitational Field"; all challenging the mind and ear of the listener with a vast array of masterfully crafted sequences and abstract melodic arrangements, that together make the trip to the Rindler Horizon a unique and fascinating joyride.

T/Error's new album was officially released on March 29th, 2021 on vinyl, though most stores are not expecting it until the first week of April. You can pre-order the wax through sites like Clone or Juno Records, so jump on that if you want to score a copy! Surely it won't last. Digital should also be coming our way, though no solid info on that yet!

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