T15DM/Errorbeauty - Arkada #001

Updated: Nov 7, 2018

Arkada is a new independent Electro/Techno imprint with a brilliant future hailing from London. Launched by infamous Bulgarian DJ Errorbeauty, along with XOR12, the label aims to be a promised land for "unprecedented electronic future sounds", only available on vinyl. The first slice of plastic introduces a split EP between underrated and too rare T15DM (Earwiggle, Trensmat) and Errorbeauty herself.

Written by Dr. Skunkenstein, Heuristic Audio and Delinquent Dialect (also known for their various other side projects respectively on Electrolab, Satamile and Templedog just to name a few) analog “SMEX” signs on A side a craftily chaotic piece of Electro tinted with industrial sororities, sharp drums and savage acid loops! Here comes a one-of-a-kind wild tune, hypnotic and inspired at the same time, built up by three Electro renegades early influenced by Punk Rock, classical music, plus lots of early electronics. Ace!

Alienating “Nuther Desk” instantly following delivers a pure robotic insanity, characterized by merciless beats and intricate textures over bubbling modulations. If you were looking for a brain washing, you’ll be served!

Errorbeauty takes command of the flipside with soulful “Lilia J”; an experimental tune based upon great synth melodies and a tense universe over sharp broken beats. You’ll feel like crossing a futuristic city at night onboard of a speeder, trying to locate the last replicants escaped from the Orion planet.

Sublime “Gravity” closes the EP with a very cinematic song, characterized by dark layers over a downtempo rhythm. More Electronica than Electro; meticulously constructed, this perfect soundtrack progressively surrounds your mind to control your body and invite you into a trance. Never aggressive nor dancefloor friendly, but seriously addictive like a Michael Mann movie.

From raw Electro to the sweetest Electronica, Arkada #001 delivers a masterpiece. This is the least we were expecting from one of the best Electro djs at the moment! Support by purchasing a copy through the label website.

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