TECHcontrol - The Cure

Italian "Urban Distortions" label, brainchild of Massimo Luciano (Slaker), has been on fire the past couple years, delivering timeless classics like Riuozami's "Geometric Shapes", or perhaps his very own "The Transition" under his Slaker pseudonym, setting up his unique imprint as one to seriously look for going into the new decade.

Returning with "The Cure" by UK Electro composer and producer TECHcontrol, this 4 track digital EP is a must-have for any devoted fan of dark, driven and brooding Electro Funk.

From the upbeat vibes of "Before The Move" and "Out In Space"; a couple of tunes laced with enigmatic synths and thought-provoking melodies all around, to the sinister, stomping fury of the acidic title track, and perhaps my favorite, "Tropic Run", and it's mysterious aura of enchanting analog stabs that seem to almost bend with a bit of sadness.

"The Cure" by TECHcontrol was released on March 20th through the label's Bandcamp, and can be found anywhere else you buy music digitally. I cannot recommend this release enough for those lovers of deep crafted, melodic and mystifying Electro. Buy it!


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