Techmarine Bottom Feeders - The Vision

Updated: Aug 27, 2020

Paris The Black Fu, half of the legendary duo Detroit Grand Pubahs, and Luxus Varta, newer school Electro mastermind behind recent killer releases on Solar One Music, Shipwrec, Trust, Brokntoys, Intramuros and Nocta Numerica, have teamed up to form a sub surface symbiotic Electro duo known as Techmarine Bottom Feeders. A long ago conceived project by Paris, the pair offer up an Electro based EP called "The Vision" that features remixes by The Exaltics, and father-son duo, The Advent and Zein.

Working together before on various Luxus projects and even on some live punk band performances, the two Electro heavy weights take the EP deep into the dark recesses of sound on this digital and streaming release. Here's a closer look at the pairs latest collaboration.

"We Can Not Help You"

The first track and the remix by the Exaltics, "We Cannot Help You", features the incomparable voice stylings of Paris The Black Fu simmered in a rich sauce of bottom feeding gutter bass drums, sprinkled with gratings of machine funk that melt into a rich electric gumbo of sound by the time the last basey frequency pulses into the speaker.

"The Vision"

"The Vision" reveals itself unto the Electro heads of the world in two distinct tracks that take nearly opposite sound approaches. The original TBF cut brings it hard with a 4x4 acid Electro banger that will light up any dancefloor like the iridescent tentacle of some mutant deep sea creature lurking near a sulfur vent on the sea floor. While The Advent and Zein's piece throws down a fast paced Electro beat that will send ravers into an outright fury of body motion, fueled by the high energy of this fantastic remix.

EPM music is releasing Techmarine Bottom Feeders - "The Vision" on November 15 as a digital and streaming release. Find this trip into the deep Sci-Fi world of TBF at all the best digital shops.

Paris gives a little more insight into the project in an EPM Press Release:

“Techmarine Bottom Feeders is something that I had in mind to do, even before Detroit Grand Pubahs”, states Paris, “but fell to the wayside since I at the time of conception had no outlet for the realization of the project. Science fiction has always been a big part of my life. My father loved reading science-fiction novels, although I wouldn’t be able to tell you whom it was he was reading or preferred, I saw the covers of the books and let my mind wander. TBF has never left my mind and I am now very happy that this project will see the light of day, and hope that those who listen will listen with open minds and travel along with us.”


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