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Techmarine Bottom Feeders to Release New EP "The Proud Traitor", Featuring Cristian Vogel, Dadub

Updated: Feb 26, 2020

Techmarine Bottom Feeders: Paris The Black Fu and Emeric Di Paolo aka Luxus Varta © TBF

Techmarine Bottom Feeders; the fusion of Detroit's Paris the Black Fu, and French Electro producer Luxus Varta, is set to release their next page in the ongoing saga of the Techmaridians: a race of humans mutated by genetically modified food that have escaped to the sea from the ongoing terrestrial pressures. "That could never happen, right?"

Quick on the heels of their late 2019 release, "The Vision", "The Proud Traitor" features three original compositions with remixes of two of the tracks by UK Techno innovator Cristian Vogel, and Italian experimental duo, Dadub. Rooted in Electro, but leaning a bit more in the experimental, IDM, and Breaks directions, the tracks have a supremely futuristic feel that pulls listeners into the unfolding Techmaridian saga like a giant whirlpool of sound.

"A Groundless New World"; track four on the release, is particularly moving with sea scape visions that unfold into a slow beat, surfing a wave of low bass, guitar, and piano spiked by flowing bells. Just wow on this one for me!

Techmarine Bottom Feeder's "The Proud Traitor" is out on February 28th in digital and streaming formats. Grab a copy and take a deep dive into the future with the Techmarine Bottom Feeders.

Listen to the upcoming EP below:

You can also read more about the fascinating world of the Techmarine Bottom Feeders and their struggles, in Electric Kingdom's interview with Paris the Black Fu.