The 15 Dead Minutes - Bio-Evolved

Updated: Nov 7, 2018

London based Subapical proudly presents the label debut EP from The 15 Dead Minutes; a collaboration between infamous David “Heuristic Audio” Froud (Satamile, Cultivated Electronics) and David “Delinquent Dialect” Campbell (Templedog). Following the almighty “Black Catalogue Rituals (2004-2095)” outing from Albert Van Abbe, under his "The Pulse Projects" moniker published early this year, “Bio-Evolved” unleashes four dancefloor Electro cuts in the prolongation of T15DM’s previous and excellent split EP on Errorbeauty’s label Arkada.

Kicking off with lethal “Utt Ea”, the 12’’ introduces a milestone of a tense tune characterized by eerie layers over percussive drums and irresistible claps. Removing from the acidic sound of their beginnings on Earwiggle or Trensmat Records, the UK duo dives the listener into rough and dark landscapes with a mental approach. Ace!

Based upon a similar bassline, brutal “Enter Malum” coming next offers a hammering track marked by bubbling tones and an industrial break that will make the difference on the linoleum.

On the flipside, urban “Society Now” injects intricate lyrics and a more actual twist on a technoir cut, driven by an obvious will to cross the tiny line between the Electro and Techno genres.

Absolute climax of the 12’’, the title track “Bio-Evolved” concludes the EP on a powerful, frantic, relentless and hypnotic breakbeat rhythm. Harder, higher, faster seems to scream this impressive gem; a pure aggression of senses that showcases a very angry duo.

If you like your Electro hostile, uncompromising, with a luxury of dark layers and gloomy melodies, “Bio-Evolved” is exactly what you need. Enhanced visually by a brilliant illustration from Yamako King, the third release on Subapical imprint, limited to 300 copies, serves up four massive songs not to be missed. Must have!

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