The 15 Dead Minutes Set to Release New EP, Share Song

The 15 Dead Minutes, a trio composed of David Campbell aka Delinquent Dialect; founder of legendary Templedog Records, as well as iconic Heuristic Audio (Satamile), and infamous Dr. Skunkenstein (Electrolab Records, Global Funk Radio), are set to release a brand new 12" cut on London-based Subapical label, titled "Bio-Evolved".

The vinyl release will included 4 brand-new tunes of pure deranged sonic adventurism, injected with the style of 3 of the most recognized names in the Electro scene, out tomorrow October 4th through the Subapical Bandcamp page. Stay tuned!

For now, listen to a song off the new EP entitled "UTT Ea":

Photo credit: T15DM Official

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