The Advent Releases First Full-Length Electro Album in 17 Years

Updated: May 13, 2020

The Advent © Marie Staggat

UK Techno and Electro legend The Advent returns with his first full-length Electro album in 17 years! Hard to believe, considering that while we have been seeing some fairly consistent output from the iconic artist in the Techno world, we have not seen as much in the last several years in the Electro side of things, aside from his previous outing on Electrix Records with Mazzula.

Inspired by the rise in popularity for Electro music over the past few years, Cisco Ferreira aka The Advent himself states: "I have been making Electro music for nearly 3 decades now, and excited to see that it is in demand with this new wave of talented producers out there. "Life Cycles" is an album where I explore my older past and connect with the future, 2020 and this new Electro generation".

A collection of unreleased tracks from the 90's and new material, all driven by the artist's signature hypnotic, shrewd and uncompromising style of Electronic music, "Life Cycles LP", out now on UK powerhouse Cultivated Electronics, will satisfy the long yearning of any devoted fan out there looking for some Electro output from the artist.

"Life Cycles LP" is out now, on a very limited 12" vinyl press, through shops such as Clone and Deejay. Rush on this very special collector's item!

You can listen to a preview of The Advent's new album below: