The Egyptian Lover and DJ Qbert's Collaboration on "Beyond The Galaxy" Released as Single

Updated: Apr 12, 2019

The Egyptian Lover and DJ Qbert in studio © Egyptian Lover official/Facebook

What do you get when you pair up two of the single most iconic, influential and pioneering entities in the Hip Hop and Electro scenes? Well, beyond the galaxy type stuff that will bend your mind, move your body, and rejuvenate your soul with mystical, funked up sound aesthetics to spare, that's what!

Previously released on The Egyptian Lover's new album "1985", fans who did not get to purchase a copy may have missed out on the fact that The Egyptian Lover and DJ Qbert teamed for a very special collaboration on a song called "Beyond The Galaxy". Mysterious vibes, decadent 808 beats, intimidating vocals from Egypt himself, while Qbert tears it up once more in that fashion that simply leaves one spellbound.

You can purchase the newly released single directly here. Also, please take a moment to watch the official video for "Beyond The Galaxy" if you haven't already: