The Exaltics and Heinrich Mueller - Dimensional Shifting

Updated: Aug 27, 2020

Solar One Music will release a 2xLP later this month featuring The Exaltics and half of Electro duo Dopplereffekt, Gerald Donald, appearing on this release under one of his many aliases, Heinrich Mueller. Out June 29th on black vinyl, digital, and a limited edition box set, The Exaltics/Heinrich Mueller - "Dimensional Shifting", brings hard broken Electro grooves alongside gritty straight beat floor shakers to this year's "must have" vinyl list.

The Electro heavyweights seem to bring every synth and drum pad they have to this long play sure to be a classic release! I noticed the track names foreshadow the future tactfulness of the work as the needle transits the record, and wrote down some impressions.

Side A

There's an intro, A1 is short, yet fulfilling in a: "I know this is going to be good!" kind of way. A2, "Hologram Universe", is a 4x4 jagged synth jammer that really gets the vibe set for this vinyl cut. "Signal Filtering From Interstellar Noise", the last tune on Side A, keeps the heat on full blast with its groovy bassline, and melodic grabs into the subconscious.

Side B

No intro here, Side B get's right to it with "Encoder", a relentless steady beat tune that will press the limits of your high frequency tolerance. The last offering on the second side of the first piece of compressed vinyl with magnetic grooves, "Time Aperture", leans heavily into that Detroit Electro grip with another catchy bassline that guides rolling deep well beats over high flanked distant keys throughout.

Side C

C1, "3.26 Parallax Seconds," is the amount of time it takes to go "holy shit, side C is banging!". Next up, "Search For Artificial Intelligence", stays solid with its heavily inflected Techno vibes. This blistering tune gives way to the last track on the side, "Dimensional Shift," featuring an appearance by Techmarine Bottom Feeders', Paris the Black FU.

Side D

D1, "Microwave Photon", keeps the future beat sound on point as a contemplative sense begins to creep into the mix with spacey melodies over that signature bassline groove weaving through this LP. Maybe an outro for this one, D2, "Closing Of The EPR Bridge", gives the impression this one's not over and the Electro duo will make another appearance when we reach the next dimension.

The Exaltics and Heinrich Mueller - Dimensional Shifting 2xLP (2020) | Solar One Music

The release is officially out June 29th, 2020, with the original one-hundred and fifty limited edition box set already sold out, including a second run of 100 units to meet demand that also did not last. Fans, listeners and DJ's can still take a listen however, at the Solar one Soundcloud and Bandcamp pages.


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