The Hacker and Commuter Join Forces on Upcoming Vinyl EP, Share Song "Roentgen": Listen

Updated: Jun 12

Left to right: The Hacker, Commuter © Stevens Drean Photography, Commuter official/Facebook

Legendary French producer The Hacker, known the world over for his work with iconic Miss Kittin, not to mention a plethora of releases on a multitude of popular labels over the years, teams up with another one of country's most rock solid Electro producers, Commuter (Bass Agenda, Ukonx), for what will be a very unique collaboration featured on UK powerhouse label Cultivated Electronics.

Appearing on a soon to be released 4 track vinyl EP, and featuring remixes by alluring MMT-8; another fascinating alter ego by none other than Ed Upton (DMX Krew) from Breakin' Records, this new record is a stellar flight through a space filled with mind-bending timbres, creepy melodies, and this overall aesthetic that somehow perfectly balances the style of artists like Anthony Rother, with the retro vibes of Synth Wave. Warm, moody, and somehow eerily inviting, but driven by darker, more hypnotic and machine-like programming that always seem to evoke these very science-oriented concepts that in case you haven't noticed, are very pervasive throughout the Electro scene.

The Hacker and Commuter's new record officially releases on vinyl June 14th, 2021, and per the norm, will be a rather limited title, so make sure to grab a copy before they are gone! Digital will also be available, and can be purchased from the label directly, or through your favorite retailers.

You can listen to the Song "Roentgen" by The Hacker vs. Commuter below: