The Hidden Persuader

Ever since 2005, there has been an elusive, yet formidable force in the scene going by the name of "The Hidden Persuader". Debuting on his own imprint Access Tonal Communications, the artist has risen to become one of the most sought after producers of the last decade, working alongside many great names such as DJ XED, Darxid, Lektroid, Scape One, and Espion.

His first release was called "Electro Strains", and featured 6 songs by the artist. A perfect sonic display of what was to come, the record reflected heavily on the artist's philosophy towards music, as well as his unique style, which can be described as a combination of Detroit Techno Bass, with elements of British Electro Funk music; colliding to create the eclectic, yet shrewd atmospheres that The Hidden Persuader puts together.

In 2008, THP returned, this time on one of his only vinyl releases, on the label Bass4Bots, with Scape One, Espion, Radarsat-1, Urban Textures, and Headnoaks. This year, there would also be the release of the "Machine Music! The New Dance Sound Of Cardiff" compilation, which included the track "Electro Job Seeker", along many other artists and styles, ranging from Breaks, to DnB, and Glitch. The Hidden Persuader also collaborated this year with Scottish artist "Solipsism", playing the synthesizer on the song "Destruct Science"; which was released on the artist's "Solarism" EP on Ambidextrous Records.

In 2010, The Hidden Persuader returned once again, this time with a new EP on Access Tonal Communications, called "Electromechanical", with the songs "Electronix", "Channel Ident", "Next Wave", and "Undetektable". There would also be the release of the song "Hyperdrive", on the "Electroneq 1000" compilation, on Electroneq Records that year.

Throughout 2011, the artist had a very successful year, so far the most lucrative to date, with the release of his collaboration with Shameless Toady mastermind Pip Williams, with "The First Replicators" digital EP, as well as his remix of Takter's "Ruler Of The Galaxy"; which also included remixes by legend Mandroid, Phat Chex, and Takter himself. In June of that year, The Hidden Persuader also returned with his second vinyl release, once again on Shameless Toady, with his remix of the track "Man Vs. Machine" by Pip Williams. The releases were subsequently followed by the remix for "Arabian Robots Like" by Neonicle, and DVS NME's "Pneumatica", culminating the year with the highly acclaimed "The Tournament - Live At UK Futurefunk Festival 2020", which was an intricately woven collaborative project between Diamondback Kid, Diplomat, Dr. Blofeld, DVS NME, Pip Williams, Robert Cosmic, Binalog Frequency, Mike Ash, Dwellz, and The Hidden Persuader himself.

2012 proved to be quite the year for The Hidden Persuader, as well as for Access Tonal Coomunications, which seemed to be increasing their output of releases, including videos which are, to say the least, one of a kind. Starting things off that year was the release of the artist's first official album "Electrocratic", which included some of his previously released material like "Electro Job Seeker", plus many new songs not heard so far. The release was then followed by "System Saboteaurs", and "Dancing Machines" on Access Tonal, as well as his remix for MicroControlUnit's "Dark Matters", on Ukonx Records. Last but not least of course, was his warmly welcomed track "Super Computer", on the classic "Advanced Funk Vol. 2" compilation on Binalog Productions.

Unfortunately, ever since the 2013 release of the album "Defrag" by the artist, there have been no more releases by him, or his iconic imprint. No info is available on his whereabouts, but hopefully like with many others throughout time, The Hidden Persuader is simply taking a hiatus to reflect on things, or perhaps even continuing his sonic attacks under a different pseudonym, and not letting it be known this is the case. One thing is for sure however, and that is that when an artist dedicates themselves to a cause and stays true to it, even if short-lived, the effect and influence can be massive. No doubt this has been the case for The Hidden Persuader.


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