The Signal State is a Video Game that Lets You Save the Future With Modular Synthesizers

Updated: Oct 7

The Signal State (2021) © Reckoner Industries/The Iterative Collective

The Signal State is a new video game released via The Iterative Collective and developed by Reckoner Industries, which challenges your logic skills in a post-apocalyptic setting, where solving many different complex puzzles inspired by modular synthesizers, will ultimately lead you to "be part of a revolution that will change the fate of agriculture once and for all".

If you have ever played around with VCV Rack or even Reason, then this is not too far off from that aside from the added storyline of course. It's dragging and dropping, patching things with virtual cables. Papernoise, who has done UI work for Mutable and others, was behind the interface here. So it's a really great looking game. Even if you don't have any skills with modulars, this could be a very creative and perhaps less frustrating way of getting some hands on experience.

Available for PC and Mac, The Signal State is available via the Steam store for $19.99.

Below you can watch the official trailer for The Signal State: