Thomas P. Heckmann Set to Return as "Electro Nation" Late September

Updated: Aug 19, 2019

The mighty Thomas P. Heckmann aka Electro Nation © Discogs

Long-time veteran of the underground Electro and Techno scene Thomas P. Heckmann, best known perhaps for his legendary works on Trope Recordings under pseudonyms like Drax or Trope, is set to return this September under one of his most obscure, yet sought after monikers: Electro Nation.

Having released previous classic underground Electro titles such as "Fist-Man" or "Shipwrecked", he also launched what was considered to have been a shortlived, but highly regarded imprint: "Electrocute Soundplates". Reviving the imprint last year after a hiatus of more than 20 years with the re-press of Shipwrecked, Electro Nation will carry forward with what we can only hope will be a continuation of this mysterious, raw, highly energetic and ingenious label and project, which also included another one of Heckmann's great Electro acts: The Freeek.

Record releases September 30th on vinyl, but get your pre-orders in now through the label's Bandcamp before this limited edition runs out! Expect some of Heckmann's most authentic, and at times menacing if not right down sinister Electro works all over this one!

Listen to previews of the new album below: