Tokyo Electro Beat Recordings

Founded in 2004 by prolific Japanese Electro Bass artist AE35, Tokyo Electro Beat Recordings is a product of hope and frustration shared by many across the world, as we fight to let the music be heard in a world confused and subverted into believing that the mediocrity found in music today is acceptable. In Japan, perhaps things can be a little tougher being on an island, and being challenged by so many events throughout history that has left the nation a bit bruised, and perhaps in a state of trying to sort itself out in some ways. It should come as no surprise then, that Electro music has not been very popular there; in fact, some would say unheard of...until the boys down the street decided to take matters into their own hands!

TEBR came a few years after the founding of Japan's first Electro party, dubbed "Tokyo Electro Beat Park", and in cooperation between Yosuke Ikeda (AE35), as well as Yoshihiro Hayashi, STX and Ayup1ko (eventual members of the label). Their first release, "Tokyo Electro Beat Box Vol. 1", and featuring the above mentioned artists as a showcase of what were the only Electro artists in the country, was released in 2004 as a vinyl record, and was warmly welcomed by the international Electro community. Not long after, the 2nd volume would hit the shelves, marking in our history that Japan would have its place, and would even take things further with pure ingenuity and class...something so intrinsic to the culture of the land.

Not long after the release of Electro Beat Box Vol. 2, TEBR returned with a limited run of the CD "Bonus Trax Series #1", including a fierce megamix in collaboration between AE35, STX, and Yoshihiro Hayashi, as well as the song "Theme Of TEBG" by Ayup1ko. Unfortunately, as with many labels during that time, CD and vinyl manufacturing proved to be an unsustainable mode of release, and so the label decided to put things on hiatus for many years. While it may have seemed that Tokyo Electro Beat Recordings would be no more, the group quietly worked behind the scenes, further honing their skills as producers, and waiting for the right time to return as the newly re-invented imprint.

Finally in 2013, the 3rd installment of Tokyo Electro Beat Box would be released, this time featuring Baxim (Subsonic Device), as well as AE35, Space Thunder X, and Yoshihiro Hayashi. The rest of the year became a relentless onslaught of releases by the label, clearly happy to be free and roaming around again, and demonstrating that the collective of artists had not given up on their vision of giving Japan and the rest of the world a taste of their cultural take on Electro music.

Releases for this year included Yoshihiro Hayashi's first independent release "Phase E.P.", as well as Noise&Noise's "Supernova" album. Also we would see artist "CRZKNY" sign to the label, releasing the album "Nuclear/Atomic"; which included 11 tracks full of innovative rhythms and programming, as well as Space Thunder X's first E.P."Naive Lady E.P.", followed by two of AE35's most iconic releases to date: "Underdrain E.P." ( Technically an album-14 tracks!!! ), and the subsequent release of the "Underdrain Remixes" album in the beginning of 2014; which included reworks by a plethora of Japanese, Chinese, and International artists including PL-anet, Franz Snake, CRZKNY, KIMETEMASEN, and many many more!

Since then, there has also been the remixes CD release of "Big Booty Bitch E.P.", featuring label veterans Yoshihiro Hayashi, and Space Thunder X, as well as new additions "Foodman" aka Shokuhin Matsuri, and andrew/Eiji Ando. Expect much more to come, as the label is back in full gear, with many more releases planned for the future. Recent ones to look for include Paul Blackford with the emotive "Fireflies E.P.", as well as new material from CRZKNY, and new label artist Suntra. Stay tuned!


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