Too Smooth Christ - A_F_T_M_U_W_C

Nocta Numerica Records makes its second return in 2020, bringing Christophe Le Gall's "Too Smooth Christ" project for another round of electronic bliss. Presenting "A Few Tracks Made Under Weird Circumstances", this EP consists of 4 new eclectic tunes ranging from the gloomy and spooky, to the acidic and malevolent, even throwing a classic yet innovative DnB track in for good measure!

Starting off with "Zero", Too Smooth Christ delivers haunting synths and subtle 8-bit details that remind me of some of the haunted house worlds in the Super Mario series. Playful, yet slightly sinister and mysterious, in a strangely innocent way.

The A side is concluded by "Goodbye World", which continues the same style of spooky synth flights, while bathing the track in rich analog 303 lines that give the tune some edge, and a slight 90's feel that is always warmly welcomed.

The B side on this vinyl output begins with "Shasah", my favorite tune on this record and for different reasons. On one hand, this tune is such a nostalgic trip back to the time when much of what is termed as DnB today was actually referred to as "Jungle" then, with the sounds coming from these artists that was nothing short of mesmerizing. Adding to this track's classic feel, are wild 303 acid lines, along with bleeps and soothing pads and stabs that cut right through you, as this track somehow converges precisely in between the most classic sounds of the era of labels like Jungle Sky, and that time frame for Electro music; which was one of the most special times in the music's history. It should be noted that pretty much everything about this record so far seems to be a strong nod to the 90's electronic scene.

"Banyuls Pyramids" concludes this vinyl record with another absolute gem, this one a forward-thinking and complex Electro tune, that breaks into a catchy and rather minimalist 4x4 version of itself, at one point strongly reminding me of the vibes and aesthetics from the album "Dewdrops In The Garden" by Deee-Lite. Crazy good!

You can order a copy of Too Smooth Christ's vinyl release now by going through the label's Bandcamp page, or via online stores such as Juno, Clone or Deejay. Highly recommended!


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