Transient Force

Updated: Dec 7, 2018

Founded by infamous Arnold Steiner, also known as AS1, Transient Force was perhaps not only one of the most Detroit oriented labels of the past decade, but also one of the leading labels to rise out of the ashes of what was left after the mid-00's downfall of vinyl, and the subsequent takeover of digital formats. Though the label released vinyl and CD's every so often, it seemed to have always been primarily dedicated to setting a standard for digital labels that had a great deal of influence, releasing well over 50 titles by many of today's most notorious artists, and in a very presentable fashion.

The label's first release was by label head AS1 himself, with "Midnight Rider", which was published as a CDr, and 14xFile digital release. That year, AS1 would also collaborate with SiL!S, on the "Compilation 1" album, which was only released in digital format.

The following year, AS1 returned once again with "Programmable People", a digital album featuring 14 songs by the artist. In 2007, the label began to increase their output, and also began signing many more artists to the label, starting the year off with Gosub's "Night Mal'ach"; which would be the label's first 12" release, and featured 4 cuts full of the artist's Jazzy, yet sinister Electro Funk. This year, the label also released the "Ten Volt" compilation on CDr and digital, including songs by Alpha 606, Hadamard, KAN3DA. Spectre313, Nomadic, Uprokk, Vidrio, Exzakt, and of course, AS1; who subsequently released the label's 2nd 12" with, "Eyes Of Man". Hadamard would also see their first title on the label with, "Ignorance Is Bliss", and was also released on vinyl.

Between 2009, and 2011, the label signed many new artists to the label, most notably perhaps Aux 88, who released the iconic 12" "Electro Slaves", but also =UHU=, 214, DVS NME, Galaxian, Mono Martini, Das Muster, Magikbitum, Melogik, Ra-X, XRAY, and Arnold Steiner as himself.

Since then, the label continued on a solid path forward, releasing many releases by its artists, but also bringing even more talent on board like the ingenious Soundex Phonetic, Lectromagnetique and his noir electro-magic, not to mention the talented veteran Dez Williams. All artists that have gone on to make quite a name for themselves, and who still continue to make an impact on the music today.

One of the key things that Transient Force brought to the scene, was an approach to releasing a large quantity of digital music, in a very professional way. Perhaps one of the biggest problems with the so called “Digital Revolution”, was the inability of many labels to keep up with the presentation and marketing capabilities that many vinyl and CD labels had, instead resorting to what was often considered amateur artwork and graphic design, a lack of professional mastering, and usually very little to no web presence; other than through social media networks of course.

All these things had unfortunately degraded the Electro music scene to a point where it seemed as if it was ran by people who had little knowledge of music industry standards, taking away from the quality of how things could actually be presented. For this, Transient Force was a great role model and influence, not to mention the great music that the label has published, by many artists who found the label to be a foundation to grow and expand, as their music did the same. Long live Transient Force and its formidable army of Electro purveyors!


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