Transparent Sound Announces Reissue of Debut Vinyl Release

Updated: Aug 28

Illustration of Orson Bramley from Transparent Sound © Transparent Sound/Facebook

Transparent Sound, one of the most successful acts to come out of the 2nd wave of Electro to hit during the 90's, is still going strong after all these years, not just concocting new material like previously heard on 2019's "Gently Evil" double LP, but also reissuing their early titles from the Transparent Sound label days.

Recently, they announced via social media, the repress of their debut release from 1995, "Meltdown Ride", which is an absolute Electro classic to say the least, and one we are very glad to see hitting the shelves once again, and for a new generation of Electro lovers.

Available for pre-order, this absolute collector's item is a must have for any true die-hard fan of new school Electro. These early Transparent Sound records in particular, produced such hits as "Kinky Nation" or "Tricks", which went on to become highly influential; anthems in many cases, of the 90's Rave scene in locales such as South Florida, where the duo was considered both a staple of the Rave, and Electro scenes. To many in that area, both one in the same as a large portion of the music played at these Raves was Electro.

Transparent Sound - Meltdown Ride (1995) © Transparent Sound Records

Those unfamiliar with the duo's early works, will find a treasure trove of classic Electro Breaks tunes saturated to the brim with rich, innovative sonic design, eclectic grooves, and a brooding aesthetic that seeps in over and over again without feeling repetitive. "Meltdown Ride" in particular is a favorite of many, and a highly influential tune to this writer himself. Make sure to grab yourself a copy of this limited release before it's gone!

Below you can listen to "Meltdown Ride" by Transparent Sound: