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Transparent Sound - Gently Evil

Legendary producer and Electro pioneer Orson Bramley is continuing to release new records on his fresh label Transparent Sound. This next release, coming up quickly on the well received recent Empty Orchestra and Transparent Sound offerings, is a nine track LP set for vinyl, digital and streaming release.

Titled "Gently Evil, the record encapsulates cutting edge Electro in its purest forms with new electronic sounds and themes throughout the LP.

Let's take a deep dive into a clear pool of Transparent Sound and see what Orson has been up to.

A1. Pretend Like You Care

Press play and the forthright notes begin to pulse only momentarily, stunning your senses into Electro submission until you realize this is a simulated introduction into a much larger sound experience just around the corner.

A2. No Call From New York

Charging bass rhythms reorient the LP back to the bass, but the subtle drums build this tune to places of sound incantations not heard before in this sector of the galaxy.

A3. Love Pony

An intricate ambient tune, "Love Pony" builds quite a bit of tension and dramatic flair with its spacey keys, and droid mutterings.

B1. Beneath The Beauty

Ghostly tinges permeate the background "Beneath The Beauty" of this exceptional dancefloor ready Electro cut, that really showcases TS's musical genius.

B2. One Kiss

Exploiting a 130 BPM groove, "One Kiss" has a solid drum rhythm that envelopes the multitude of original electronic sounds that will keep a vibe light and fresh every time.

C1. A Thousand Yard Stare

Ramping the BPM's back up, "A Thousand Yard Stare" doesn't disappoint with its enthusiastic claps over a ravey siren that gives this track a classic feel, but more original sound play continues to be the highlight of this LP.

C2. Random Acts Of Casual Thievery

The ambient intro gives way to a fun 4x4 presentation of a gallery of sounds put together in a way only to be expected on a TS release.

D1. Awful Mutation

The fourth side really brings it home, starting with a dark bass synth rich track that vacillates between light and dark, happy and sad.

D2. Lying Tongues

As if to say "Here it all is", the record goes out with a deep incantation of dark dirty Electro that will rock any floor population. You'll want to start the LP over as the tune fades toward the record's end.

The LP goes live on September 16th, but pre-orders are underway for this vinyl, digital and streaming release. Orson will be on the road promoting his new projects with a vinyl only set. As he states: “After seeing the rise of vinyl sales again over the last few years and some of the classic early Transparent Sound releases soar in value, I felt people were ready for Electro properly now, and may even be getting tired with the usual 4/4” (From "Gently Evil" PR).


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