Twilight 76

Founded in 1994 in the city of Detroit by natives Brian Jeffries (DJ Godfather), Brian Gillespie (DJ Starski), and DJ Dick, Twilight 76 quickly became the segway from the second wave of Electro Funk and Techno in its Techno Bass form, as we marched into the 2000's into what is considered as the "Third Wave" of our music.

Signing major acts such as MAS 2008, Will Web, DJ Assault, and Keith Tucker to name a few, the label's impact during its vinyl days was obvious, yet after the downfall of vinyl sales in the mid-2000's the label became one of the first major Techno Bass labels to become digital-only; thriving for some time, but eventually leading to the closing of its doors around 2012.

Releasing their first title in 1996 with DJ Godfather's "Work That!" 12", the label continued its output consistently throughout the rest of the year following up with titles like Sekter 17 "Avoid All Contact E.P.", as well as Digitek's "Hi Tek E.P."; not to mention a flurry of Godfather releases like his classic "Pump", as well as "Late Nite", and "Scientific E.P.". Throughout the rest of the 90's, the label grew cosistently, releasing classic titles like MAS 2008's "Mad In Germany" and "Contaminated Material", and Godfather's "Aliens Got My 808".

As we entered the 2000's, Twilight 76, well positioned as a strong Detroit imprint, became an important asset in helping the sound carry on into the new millennium; helping to show that the particular style of funk and soul that had been there at one point, was not lost. As many newcomers and old school freaks alike began to reunite through the internet and mediums like Electro Empire and Electro Alliance, the label found itself in the middle of a revolution of sound that had influences coming in from all corners of the world...and from all walks of life!

As the so called Digital Revolution got underway, the label once again positioned itself to become one of the first digital-only Electro Bass imprints, opening doors to many more international artists, and an even wider range of sound and styles not heard before during its vinyl only phase. Kicking things off in 2008 with DJ Di'jital's "The Prototype", the label then followed with Siberian wizard Alavux's "Munke Konza" E.P., as well as DJ Godfather's "Electro Bounce".

It's unknown exactly why the label decided to close doors, or if perhaps it is just in a state of hiatus. The crew, composed primarily of DJ Godfather, Starski, and DJ Dick these days, continue on with the imprint's Ghettotech sub-labels Databass and Juke Traxx, focusing on a style that is much more prevalent in Detroit than Electro Bass music. Hopefully at some point we will see Twilight 76 return though, so stick around!


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