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U96 and Wolfgang Flür's Collaboration on "Zukunftsmusik" Released on Vinyl: Listen

Updated: Aug 19, 2019

Iconic German Techno Pop duo U96 © U96/Soundcloud

The German label Ground Control Records has released, a sure to be Electro classic, featuring one of the super heroes of the Electro sound, Kraftwerk's Wolfgang Flür.

Previously released as a digital remixes album on UNLTD, "Zukunftsmusik" takes the Electro sound back with a brilliantly arranged homage to Kraftwerk, by early Techno pioneers U96, complete with a vocal performance by original Kraftwerk band member Wolfgang Flür.

Filled with twisted Kraftwerk rifts that accompany a driving 808 rhythm, Zukunftsmusik won't disappoint listeners or DJ's looking for that old school Electro sound we all love. The instrumental version, exclusive to the red or black vinyl, highlights the melodic synths and classic vocoder sound Kraftwerk made famous.

Wolfgang Flür of the legendary band Kraftwerk © Wolfgang Flür official/Facebook

Ground Control once again brings it real with this broken-beat Electro-Synth-Pop release. Shoppers can find GC009: U96 + Wolfgang Flür "Zukunftsmusik", at all their favorite record stores like the Save Our Sounds shop.

Be sure to listen to a preview of this 2019 summer classic while your at it: