Umwelt's "Subversive Territory" is a Profound Observation of Not-So-Distant Future Scenarios

Umwelt © New Flesh Records

Iconic French electronic artist Umwelt; responsible for one of the single most illustrious discographies in both the Techno and Electro worlds, spanning all the way back to the late 90's, where he got his starts via his own imprints Fundata and Shelter, returns for an epic finale for 2021 with what may be his biggest and most important endeavour yet!

Presenting the album "Subversive Territory", Umwelt delivers an evocative journey through a vision of our world that may not be in the very distant future, where after humanity's collapse, those who are left to survive on this planet and its crumbling ecosystems, are tightly monitored and controlled, and lured into a virtual reality metaverse that can both be seen perhaps as the liberation of the soul from the physical body and its constraints, or the very deception of it as we are taken away from that which is real, and into subversive territories designed to control our perception as a whole, after an engineered controlled collapse of civilization.

Overall 12 songs of profound sonic artistry that delve into concepts that are as abstract as they are intrinsically human, enriched with lush pads, mysterious melodies, and highly cinematic effects and textures that are crafted with the kind of ingenuity that only artists such as Umwelt have for composing with analog synthesizers and creating these type of atmospheres. There are no beats to be found anywhere on this album, but we promise the journey itself will be so intense and engaging, that you will hardly notice any absence of rhythm.

Umwelt - Subversive Territory (2021) © New Flesh Records

Umwelt's "Subversive Territory" released December 6th, 2021 as a very limited 2xLP, on a wicked looking colored marbled orange disc, packaged in a triple gatefold sleeve and autographed by the man himself. The artwork was also done by none other than world renowned illustrator Yann Legendre, of Flesh Empire fame, and there are a few different options available for purchase, including sweatshirts, posters, and more. Be sure to head over to the New Flesh Records Bandcamp page and check out the new release.

You can listen to a preview of the new album below: