Underground Resistance

As the pioneers of what has been dubbed "The Second Generation of Techno", Underground Resistance has been much more than just a label; it has been a movement, an underground political force to be reckoned with! Few imprints, or artists for that matter, ever dare to become involved in voicing their opinions about the political and spiritual state of the world; especially when it goes against the status quo. UR was one of those few that did, and still to this day remains a pillar of resistance against the programmers and their grip on humanity; utilizing the ultimate universal weapon of choice that can break all barriers, and topple all walls...the music!

Founded in the late 1980's by Mike "Mad Mike" Banks and Jeff Mills, the label has gone on to release an incredibly vast catalog of 4x4 Techno and Techno Bass releases that has fueled the past 2 decades of Electronic Music, playing not just an intricate part in the evolution of the Rave scene in the 90's, but also the continuation of the once dying Electro Funk sound; being a huge influence in what would later be called "Detroit Techno Bass". A sound that has helped shape what many people today refer to as "Nu School Electro".

Their first release was in 1990, a record called "Your Time Is Up", by a group named after the label itself; which included Mike Banks and Jeff Mills as members. Underground Resistance released the majority of the releases on the label up to UR012, with the exception of Blake Baxter, The Vision, and The Suburban Knight; with some of the most notable ones perhaps being "The Final Frontier", and "Waveform E.P.".

In 1993, one of Underground Resistance's most prolific sonic warriors would be signed to the label. Having already debuted on Shockwave Records with one of their most infamous titles to date, "Deep Sea Dweller", Drexciya joined the already growing roster of artists on the label, releasing "Bubble Metropolis". The duo returned once again in 1994 with the release of "Aquatic Invasion", finally culminating their output through Underground Resistance in 1996 with "The Return Of Drexciya". However, in 2003, the label licensed and re-released "Deep Sea Dweller", giving fans of Drexciya's music the opportunity to obtain a copy of this rare 12" cut once again.

In 1995, 2 of Underground Resistance's most sought after Techno Bass releases would come into being, "City Of Fear" by Andre Holland, and Underground Resistance's "Electronic Warfare"; which included 3 different mixes, as well as the tracks "Logic Bomb", "Fiber Optic Commando", "Biosensors In Tunnel Complex Africa", "Install 'Ho Chi Minh' Chip", and "The Illuminator". In 1996, the release was followed by "Electronic Warfare - The Mixes", which included the original cut, plus a new mix by Mad Mike, remixes by the already infamous Aux 88, and of course, Drexciya.

In 1998, another one of Underground Resistance's well known titles was released. Interstellar Fugitives, a compilation featuring the cream of the crop from the label's roster, was a powerful collection of Electro/Techno songs by Mad Mike, Drexciya, The Aztec Mystic, Suburban Knight, Andre Holland, The Deacon, Perception, Chaos, The Infiltrator, Chameleon, and of course, the group Underground Resistance itself. Displaying the wide spectrum of the label's sound, the album went on to become a must for any UR fan's record collection, and a great start for anyone unfortunate enough to not have been aware or around for the nearly 10 years of resistance against the corporate media system.

In 1999, DJ Rolando aka The Aztec Mystic, released the most commercially successful record to date on Underground Resistance's catalog, "Knights Of The Jaguar"; although this came about in a rather unpleasant way, exposing exactly the kind of powers the label has always been fighting. That December, Sony/BMG released a cover version of the song "Tone By Tone" by The Aztec Mystic, after Underground Resistance refused to license the song to them. Ironically enough, after never receiving any compensation, not to mention the exploitation and illegality of this move, the song did go on to become an international success, getting play by DJs all of sub-genres of Electronic Music; giving DJ Rolando and Underground Resistance a huge amount of exposure which they otherwise would not have gotten.

Underground Resistance continues to release material to this day, not long ago releasing sequels to their infamous Interstellar Fugitives compilation, as well as Electronic Warfare. Still publishing on vinyl and CD only, it is one of the few labels of its kind to have survived not just through the years, but through the so called "Digital Revolution" that has in so many ways destroyed what we all worked so hard to build.

In a world increasingly exposed to a massive attack of media manipulation, it is important for all artists, labels, and listeners of the music to remember why we do this, why it matters, and to fight the programmers with all of their might. This is the reason why this fantastic and influential label has chosen to remain underground, and why you, the active listener, are the resistance...don't stop the fight!


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