V/A | 11:11 - The Fundamental Compilation

American label Fundamental Bass Intelligence; responsible for such classic Electro vinyl releases like Dark Vektor's "Inteligencia Colectiva" (2008), or Mandroid's "Anti Gravity Machines" (2010), returns after a short hiatus following its previous album release by Catalonian duo Sbles3plex, with a project that has been in the sights of the imprint since its inception days: The Fundamental Compilation.

Officially entitled "11:11 - The Fundamental Compilation", this upcoming collection of tunes by some of the most notorious legends and established contemporary artists in the Electro scene, pulls in hit after hit from names such as Exzakt, Mandroid, Dark Vektor, and even elusive German icon Sbassship, all orbiting around the idea of the "11:11" phenomenon: a widely held belief that people's synchronous seeing of the numbers "11:11" on clocks, watches, phones, etc, is an eerie sign from the universe of sorts. A call to action perhaps, or even just a "hint" that somehow you are on the right track.

Venturing into this eclectic joyride through the Electro cosmos, fans of fast-paced Electro Bass will instantly fall in love with Sbassship's mesmerizing "The Beast"; which is along the vein of some of the artist's classier and moodier works, whereas Carlos Sicrock's "Portales", catapults you into a galaxy of squelchy textures, and perplexing emotive weaves that will flow right through your veins like the very blood in your body. While you are in the groove, make sure to also check out CYBEREIGN's devious tune "Protect Me", and Dark Vektor's "Time to Think". The bassline alone in these two songs will bend you into submission!

On the other hand, artists like Mandroid, Exzakt, Mauro Nakimi, and Nuklear Prophet, bring in the sinister side of Electro Funk, with "Deafening Silence" by iconic UK funkmaster Mandroid for example, a red pill of crushing analog tones, and blinding synth flights, while the fury of Exzakt's "Electro Schematic" will deconstruct your perception of reality with gritty textures and piercing programming.

Finally, those looking for something a bit more abstract and perhaps deeply felt, would really appreciate the work of Errorbeauty and Serge Geyzel on "Delusions"; a cold and malevolent tune that will shivers down your spine, while Ascension Électronique's "Synchronicity", dives into an emotive pool of lush textures, and tripped out sequences and sounds, that create a satisfying psychedelic adventure that is not to be missed. Of course, no compilation would be complete without the masterful work of French Deemphasis, who offers a mysterious and rather chilling Electro tune named "Nexus".

"11:11 - The Fundamental Compilation" officially releases January 15th, 2021, via all digital and streaming platforms, and is also currently in the crowdfunding stage via Qrates, where your support to the label and this release, could bring to life this amazing compilation in a 2x12" colored vinyl format, with a beautifully designed cover, thanks to the great Nexus 6.

American labels unfortunately suffered tremendously since the 2008 economic downturn, and the subsequent fall in vinyl sales and rise of the digital paradigm, and have never really recovered for those that did not completely go under and out of existence.

With a lack of proper distribution in the states, there is unfortunately no easy way back to being able to take the risk in pressing vinyl for most, and so sites like Qrates offer an amazing opportunity to have everything pressed and distributed via a single mechanism, which with your support could mean the literal resurrection of many great vinyl releases from American artists and labels you love. Make it happen!

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