V/A - Arkada #002

Following the highly acclaimed Arkada #001 written by none others than T15DM and Arkada mastermind herself, Errorbeauty, the London based label returns with the second chapter of its Various Artists split 12” series.

Under his brand new moniker Autosim, long time UK activist and half of the infamous duo Cultek along with Phil “Sync24” Bolland, Rob Smith (Cultivated Electronics, Scand), takes control of A side with a couple of amazing tracks. First to engage hostilities, fascinating “Invisible Forces” serves up more than five minutes of a noir retro-Electro music based upon early 90’s acidic over hammering beats. trancey layers complete the song and shuffle a breath of fresh air in today’s formatted Electro sound. Ace!

Punishing “Burnt Out”, coming next, signs a bubbling jam enhanced by bleepy sororities, to bring closer to Rob’s early works on Andrea Parker’s Touchin’ Bass imprint.

On the flipside, Serge Geyzel, an emerging talent based in Berlin, Germany, counterstrikes with dark “In Between”, a harsh yet tense piece of Electro characterized by Electronica influences, space melodies and a straight to the dancefloor bassline. An efficient slaughter, mental and luminous at the same time.

Final cut “Arbuzz” concludes the EP with a soulful, deep and lazy Electro cut, full of atmospheric melodies, and some intricate noises laying in the background.

In the prolongation of the label's inaugural release last year, brilliant Arkada #002 delivers a serious 12”, definitively not for the faint of heart. Highly recommended!

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