Phausis/JFrank - Arkada #003

Updated: Feb 16

Arkada Records if you haven't heard, is a fairly new label headed by one of the most prominent Electro artists of the last few years: Errorbeauty, alongside fellow Electro comrade and up and coming artist XOR12.

Already responsible for a couple of memorable releases, featuring the label heads alongside UK underground purveyors The 15 Dead Minutes, as well as Autosim; project of Robert Smith, half member of legendary and far too underrated duo Cultek, the label once again gets ready for another vinyl affair, this time featuring the talent of JFrank and Phausis.

Previously heard on outings such as the Earthlings compilation (Pyramid Transmissions), or early digital labels like Anti-Social Network, rare Phausis and JFrank return for 2021 with Arkada's 3rd vinyl output with 4 envelope-pushing Electro tunes.

To start, Phausis takes control of side A with 2 majestic yet mysterious compositions bathed in frightful synths, warm acid loops, and reverberated drum effects that add a bit of flair to these two powerful Electro masterpieces.

On the flip side, JFrank slices through the veil with a frantic start to the show via the song "El Rudo"; a jittery but highly intelligent program that reminds me of some of the glitchy styles that permeated the scene in the mid 2000's. He concludes the record with his offering "El Tecnico", another heart-pounding, earth shaking hit that reminds me once again of that era around 2005, specifically artists such as Volsoc, who could concoct, like JFrank does here, brilliant productions full of technicality and highly precise edits that will challenge your mind if it doesn't cause it to melt first!

Arkada's eagerly awaited 3rd installment featuring JFrank and Phausis, comes to stores on February 25th, 2021. Pre-orders are being taken already through the Arkada Records website. Make sure to grab a copy!


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