V/A - Dalekovod V6: Crobots Vs. Cancer

Cancer: a name we are all too familiar with, and unfortunately not because of Astronomy or Astrology, but because of a disease that has been taking lives for far too long. While many arguments persist on the nature of Cancer, whether it is a phenomenon of modern culture and the use of synthetic products, unnatural living practices, perhaps unresolved emotional issues, and maybe more we don't understand so far, what is for sure is that the race is on to find out what we can do to cure it, and perhaps if the cure has been suppressed by Pharmaceutical Corporations and the medical industry in general. Given the fact that for better or worse, Cancer is a multi-billion dollar industry, in the end, finding a cure would be a rather disastrous thing for those who stand to lose a lot of money, and so this is a possibility we cannot deny.

On one side of the boxing ring in the fight against Cancer, we have alternative medicine doctors and practitioners who believe more can be done to find or release a cure, while on opposite corners we find desperate families hoping for a better day for their loved ones. One corner however, holds another group of people who are fighting cancer in a very different way, a group that up until the last few digital Electro releases like the Touched Bass compilation, was virtually unheard of in this fight: Electro musicians! Here, delivering 74 songs ranging from the dark and moody, enlightening and inspiring, to the gritty, menacing and otherworldly, this new release on Croatian label Crobot Muzik; a follow-up to their infamous Dalekovod series, and aptly named "Crobots Vs. Cancer", joins the fight against this awful disease without compromise or intellectual argument. This is an energetic sonic fight to convey to the masses that the human spirit is strong and doesn't give up easily, and that we are made up of so much more than sometimes we ourselves believe.

The magnificent vibes you will encounter here, by many of your favorite artists like Dark Vektor, Paul Hardcastle, N-ter, Gods Of Technology, Exzakt, Dynamik Bass System, Carl Finlow, and Mauro Nakimi, to up and coming Electro musicians such as Nessbeth, Medooza, Negocious Man, Cybereign and Dark Prophet, will provide more than plenty of entertainment and thought-provoking music to get your body moving and soul back in control.

Inspired by the unfortunate diagnosis of fellow Electro brother and member of duo "Greystates" Phil Duple, who was unable to afford cancer treatment, this compilation has been warmly welcomed by the community, and has already satisfied much of Duple's ongoing medical needs not just by album sales, but also through exposure and people's incredibly generous donations, aiming to continue to raise awareness about a disease that could potentially claim the life of anybody reading this.

It doesn't matter what you believe in terms of where Cancer comes from, what matters is that through awareness we mobilize to find a cure and if need be, hold those suppressing possible treatments accountable. The fight is far from over, but it will be worth every bit of effort and money we put into it. This is literally the fight of our lives!

This compilation is available exclusively through the label's Bandcamp for only $13.52, or £10 (British Pounds). Get it now, and support the cause, this is Crobots Vs. Cancer!


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