V/A - Earthlings 2

If you caught wind of the first Earthlings compilation, released back in 2016 and featuring works by a plethora of international artists in the Electro scene, ranging from newer names like Fleck E.S.C. and Errorbeauty, to prolific 3rd wave names such as Ben Milstein, Trichome, and Weedjs...then prepare yourself for this second outing! The list has only grown to include even more amazing Electronic artists.

As with the previous titles, which also include the follow up to the first compilation by ADJ with "9", the aim of Earthlings as an organization is to raise awareness about animal rights, with proceeds from music sales going to the World Animal Protection fund, featuring an extensive, carefully curated collection of some of the best names in the Electronic scene. Expect many of the previous artists who have contributed their works once again towards this second installment, but with new and rather exciting additions such as the collaborations between Andrea Parker and Daz Quayle, as well as Errorbeauty and Serge Geyzel, not to mention new material from Larry Mccormick, Nexus 23, Emma Catnip, and simply too many names to even begin to mention them one by one.

For a mere £15 pounds, you get a total of 79 tracks that will keep you busy for hours as you listen in amazement to the great talent that lies within the realms of the Electronic music scene. There is a wide enough range of rhythmic styles that should satisfy many of the different tastes out there, but all carrying this abstract, spacey, soothing, thought-provoking vibe through it all that really entices the listener to reflect on what it means to be an earthling here on this planet, and what the role of each of us may be. Each track has been produced with such care and attention to detail that it is truly a thing to admire just from an artistic perspective alone.

There are a lot of records out there, that's for sure. But not as many that have such an important cause attached to them like Earthlings. Music has a very strong power to wake up the sleeping minds and hearts of the masses, and yet often times we find musicians stuck in their own ego, and servicing only their own needs as opposed to using the power of their art to help convey a message of hope and must importantly, of change to their fellow brothers and sisters!

Help support by purchasing this highly recommended compilation, available only through the Earthlings Bancamp!

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