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Elektroliza, a brand-new imprint out of Slovenia, makes it debut with a powerful 2x12" vinyl compilation, paying respects to the Eastern European Electro scene, and its plethora of incredibly talented artists. Featured on this magnificent collection are names you have come to love over the past several years, such as Kalson, Alavux, DJ XED, N-ter, Le Chocolate Noir, Microslav, also introducing debuts by Quasar, Barion, and Bramor. All together 13 tracks of pure ingenuity and class, laid out on 2 180 gram heavy-weight vinyl discs.

Starting things off, Kalson, who you may remember from some spectacular originals and collaborations on prime German label Dominance Electricity, introduces the album with a fierce, sinister Electro Funk jam that has strong hints of Kraftwerk all over this one. Drones observe from high above as the bass tones pulse along to the galloping beats and detuned vocals that seem to come from behind the shadows.

Next up, DJ XED, one of the Croatian Electro pioneers and co-founder of Crobot Muzik, signs "Inner Contact" to the compilation, evolving his sound a bit, but still carrying that really intriguing style that somehow manages to perfectly marry the mystique of Detroit, with the raw funk power of old school Electro beats. Expect fluid basslines, brooding synths, and groovy sequences that really propel you to the floor...any floor! Just dance.

N-ter, DJ XED's long-time counterpart, switches up a bit, and delivers the magnificent "Corals of Pannonia". This 4x4 Electro/Techno jam is a true journey into realms unknown. In this underwater fantasy world you are enveloped in the warm embrace of silky melodies that between the pads and sequences, weave in and out of each other so seamlessly as if being spoken to by the ocean itself. Top tune! My favorite so far.

Moving along, "Chasing UFOs", by Wichiwaka, drops a serious bombshell as the drones begin the assault and hang around as if collecting data for this powerful transmission. Before you know it, warm, majestic synths make their way into the track as bizarre arps and sequences take over to work along with the tenacious beats on this one. Great song!

The madness continues down a very dark alley as Le Chocolate Noir drops the raw "Futureworld", driven by razor sharp bass tones that add a great deal of drama to the this song, introducing creepy vocals and menacing analog synths that bathe the listener in a bizarre spectacle of futuristic Electro.

EB King brings the whole energy back from the grips of the void, and gently transmutes the vibes into a melancholic, dreamy tune with playful, yet alluring melodies as the highly rhythmic Electro beats meet classy and intelligent sequencing. Wow!

Quasar catapults the sonic adventure found in this incredible compilation, to the further reaches of space, as cold and desolate 4x4 Techno grooves march forward and echo around this vast expanse of time and space with classy percussive elements. Out here, its just you and the center of creation, were the alien atmospheres will envelope you in a mysteriously warm embrace that will hypnotize you from the start.

Alavux, no surprise, welcomes you with "Planet", into this newly found and rather unfriendly extraterrestrial land, where devious programming jolts the listener back out of this once soothing interplanetary dream, injecting high doses of relentless, ferocious acidic elements that speak to you in a bizarre language that seems somehow familiar yet too advanced to understand.

Christian Kroupa continues on, picking up the pace with speeding 808's and suspenseful pads and vocals that reveal just how intriguing it can be the further we get from home. With "Transhumanism", the artist takes charge with an alarming production, deranged and incredibly dark, yet illustrious and masterfully crafted. The machines don't have a soul, and this is a nightmarish reminder of a future that is promised to us with the rise of Artificial Intelligence, and synthetic humans. This track is an absolute marvel of dark, industrious Electro vibes! Beware.

Next up, Barion switches things up with "Matter", and leads you into a different part of this alien world you didn't think was possible. In this futuristic civilization you find that its not only humans who understand the funk and the tribal need for dance and fellowship. This Italo inspired tune is nothing short of frantic and spellbinding however, and it seems that we cannot escape a certain unfriendly feel that tells us to approach with care. These are not the droids we were looking for!

As we head towards the conclusion of this 12" LP, Bramor introduces "Rov", a hypnotic, slightly aggressive yet somehow soothing jam made of quirky sounds that bring images of fireflies stuck in a jar attempting to free themselves, while from the shadows, you will soon meet spooky basstones that growl and slowly show their teeth like a wolf in the night.

1983 signs to the compilation "Zero Compromise"; a somehow playful, yet fierce production that sounds like a runaway ferris wheel. The complex arrangement of sequences swirls around to bend your mind into submission, as the punishing Detroit-inspired bassline sets the mood. Cool tune! A bit scary.

Lastly, we find "MT3" by Microslav, a spacey, seductive tune with a warm glow of analog melodies that accompany the galloping Electro beats. Beeps and bleeps strike from all corners as a vintage bassline takes control and falls to the embrace of mesmerizing pads that fall over this tune like dusk over a cold and lonely day on a distant planet. A+! Lovely song.

This compilation is a must have in any vinyl lover's collection. The quality of tunes you'll find already make this an instant classic; a collection that will be talked about for years to come, while helping to set the bar higher for future artists and dance music lovers alike. Please support and grab yourself a copy of this vinyl through here.

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