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Updated: Dec 11, 2020

Refined Italian imprint Urban Distortions, responsible for previous timeless hits by artists such as Riuozami, Slaker, and more recently Dario Caruso, has recently embarked on what is perhaps its most productive and complex project to date...and all for one hell of a good cause too! Keep reading.

Presenting "Electro for Future", Urban Distortions pulls in some major talent from around the world, with iconic artists such as Mandroid, Will Web, and Dark Vektor who make an appearance alongside many talented, and quickly rising up and coming artists, all joining together to help raise money and awareness for the organization One Tree Planted, an international entity which plants trees all over the world in an effort to combat the ever growing threat of deforestation.

This masterful digital compilation has a broad range in styles that all pertain to what is considered as the true Electro sound, so there's really a little something for everyone here. From the slow heady tunes by artists such as Paul Blackford and Ascension Électronique, who deliver thoughtful, spacious and wildly emotive downtempo productions, to the hard hitting club bangers such as TECHcontrol's ferocious "Disorder", or perhaps Slaker's "Logic Life Form" that manifests as a pure alien language of sorts.

Those looking for something in between the heady and the hardcore, should look to Deemphasis' enigmatic song "Renewal", or maybe AE35's mysterious "E-L". But in reality, with 30 tunes all together, this compilation is a journey so deep and complex, that it would be hard to convey in a single review, and it would be even harder to think it wouldn't cater to the many tastes in Electronic Music that are out there. This is one for the books, of that you can be sure!

"Electro for Future" was released on October 30th, 2020 via the label's Bandcamp page. These are some of the most notorious names in the Electro scene, all here together for a great cause that should be on the top of our priority list as our planet faces deforestation on a level that is highly alarming and unlike anything seen before.

Luckily, there are amazing grassroots organizations such as One Tree Planted, that are helping to bring about change and raise awareness, and artists willing to put their weight behind this kind of a project to utilize their talent and popularity for the greater good. Highly recommended. Grab it!

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