V/A - From The Dark Volume 2

London based Cultivated Electronics returns with the second installment of its “From The Dark” series. Once again, the UK label run masterfully by Sync 24 has seen things big.

Featuring a batch of heavyweight producers and regular CE signatures from all over the world, this essential double vinyl offers no less than eight refined pieces of Electro that will fulfill even the most demanding tastes.

The opus opens with Solar One Music mastermind The Exaltics’s visionary “I’m There”, a surprising 4/4 song characterized by moody melodies, hypnotic melodies and upfront beats. “Red Squares” coming next sees French veteran Maelstrom (CPU, Acid Avengers) exploring the dark side of machine funk thanks to a classy Drexciyan influenced tune, haunting and warm at the same time.

On the flipside, “First Install” presents an original collaboration between CE mastermind Sync 24 and Privacy (Klasse Wrecks, Klakson). Groovy sequences fused into bubbling tones and eerie sororities, turn the track into a UFO while false 4/4 “Machinarium” from Netherlander VC-118A (Denovali Records), ventures with success into deep introspective landscapes.

The second 12” introduces “Galactic Halo”, a dark and metallic piece of synthetism from DJ Umek under his infamous Zeta Reticula moniker (Electrix, Mechatronica). Bubbling “Shadows That Play” from gift artist Ekman (Shipwrec, Berceuse Heroique), signs a haunting anthem tinted with acidic tones, whereas on the reverse “Localhost Pt 2” from infamous Franck De Groodt under his The Operator disguise (Djax-Up-Beats, Deeptrax Records), delivers a tense tune based upon 303 lines and gloomy synth layers.

Finally Obergman’s “ESQ” concludes the album with a deeper song, unlike the music he used to write on Abstract Form or New Speak, made of funky and paranoid melodies over sharp beats.

Sometimes groovy, dancefloor or lazy, “From The Dark Volume 2” offers a perfect complement to volume 1, and a wonderful tribute to Cultivated Electronics thanks to some of the best label representatives. A double vinyl not to be missed!  

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