V/A - Global Surveyor Phase 4

Updated: Nov 14, 2018

After an endless silence, Dominance Electricity returns with the long awaited fourth chapter in the extremely brilliant Global Surveyor series! Before the launch of Blastromen’s third album in June, the German label delivers one of its most copious, muchly anticipated and generous releases to date. “Global Surveyor Phase 4” consists of four 12”; the equivalent of two CDs, including established artists and new talents, regular and fresh Electro signatures worldwide.

In a period where compilations abound; thinking of Alek Stark’s 808 boxes and “Eclectic Electrics” project for instance, we could wonder what’s the point in sorting out another Electro release like this? Started about 20 years ago, the Global Surveyor series remains among the most unavoidable references when dealing with Electro music, and could be easily compared to the very first Street Sounds legendary albums. Over the years, Global Surveyor has offered a solid opportunity to get up to date with the artistic direction of current Electro music, thanks to the quality and number of tracks introduced. This fourth chapter doesn’t make any exceptions!

With no less than 24 tunes featured, the opus can boast of sound diversity and eclecticism: from Anthony Rother’s' computer connections, Heliopause’s retrofuturist melodies (a project of Germany‘s Dynamik Bass System & Detroit‘s Keith Tucker of AUX 88), Hardfloor’s 303% dancefloor assault, to Middle Men’s Sci-fi Electrofunk, passing through Low Orbit Satellite’s robotic nostalgia, or even Keen K’s complex synth flights, they all come together to bring you this very special phenomenon that perfectly sums up the label's philosophy: serving up to the masses underground and contemporary Electro goodies.

Completing this impressive line-up, Dibu-Z, Kalson, Tekkazula, Patronen, Wilx, Amper Clap, Tyraell, Silicon Scally, C*NT, Blake Casimir, N-Ter, Obsolete Robotics, Energy Principle, Fleck E.S.C., ADJ, Pi-xl, Rauschenmaschine, and Visonia have also contributed to this Electro celebration, each one with a masterpiece. Grade A in particular to timeless “Enya”, “Zukunft Flug”, “Machine Bias”, “Agram Sunrise”, “Tempus Fugit”, and “Disciplinary Action” just to name but a few.

Ranging from Electronica to Electrobass, passing through the Ambient and even Techno genres, Global Surveyor offers a journey into dancefloor and contemplative Electro aesthetics. Always at the cutting edge of dance music, the compilation demonstrates that the music we enjoy so much is doing well...thanks for it!

Available as a deluxe edition 4x12“ color vinyl set including a giant poster and sticker, standard 4x12“ black vinyl set, pressed double-CD and in download formats. Of course, no Global Surveyor compilation would be complete without a fantastic artwork. This time, it comes from insane Mike Winkelmann aka Beeple, an ultra talented graphic designer from Charleston, USA who’s art can be found in a large variety of digital artworks including videos.

Since it's inception back in 1998, Dominance Electricity has stood for uncompromising quality of the highest level in every area it operates. As purveyor of fine Electrofunk, Dominance Electricity quickly began to develop it's own sound universe and visual identity, with ears constantly fixed on a certain idea of the future. This particular release is a must have!

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