V/A - Hiding In The Shadows

New York City Electro Funk purveyor extraordinaire James Reeno returns under his Synthman pseudonym, along with artists "Windy City", and "Kozmik Funk", to deliver the classic sounding 12" EP "Hiding In The Shadows"; a funkadelic journey through the craftily composed and programmed tunes that these masters of the Electro sound create.

Long time running the staple New York imprint Spazzoid Records, and having made his rounds through International labels such as Dominance Electricity, not to mention his remixing of classics such as Destination Earth by infamous New York group Newcleus, James Reeno is a veteran of the sound with plenty of soul and funk to spare.

Back again, he returns on his new sub-label NYC Records, to deliver the smooth, soulful and eclectic "Synths In The Jungle"; a tune full of congas and complex percussive elements and effects that add lots of rhythm and groove. The punishing bassline, aggressive and full of sawtooth analog goodness syncopates to the beat with determination, as the synths here, gentle but classic, add a very emotive vibe with a bit of jazz to them. Great tune!

Next up, another tune by Reeno as Synthman called "Nord Lead 2x", pays homage to one of the great unsung heroes of the synthesizer world, the classic Nord Lead. Here, Synthman unleashes its power to show you the versatility of this machine, as mesmerizing synthlines, accompanied by an acidic bassline hop on the party train to bring you a timeless hit that bounces along with such great energy. This is how New York gets down to Electro Funk folks!

Moving along, Windy City delivers "The Windy City", a gem that starts off as spooky winds blow by, getting into the action so gently as the sumptuous synths deliver beautiful melodies. Sequences that roll on through sound to me almost Japanese-inspired, and then there is that bassline! Gotta love it.

Last on this 12", we find Kozmik Funk, who introduces the title track "Hiding In The Shadows", this one a bit more mischievous, still carrying that slower tempo, somewhere around 124 BPMs, and blanketing the stompy Electro Funk beats in rich analog synth lines that seem a bit shy almost, innocent somehow, but carefully composed and reminding me a bit of Paul Hardcastle's work. Top notch!

If you like classic Electro Funk, composed with character, originality, and that soulful New York vibe, then look no further than NYC Records, and its parent label Spazzoid, and all of its great artists. These are tunes to jam to, so don't wait, grab your copy now straight off the player below! Limited edition.


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