V/A - Infected Homework

German Abseits Recordings returns, delivering with "Infected Homework", a compilation that dives deeply into the study of composing and producing authentic and highly sophisticated Electronic Music.

Featuring new works by famed Detroit via Miami purveyor Will Web, as well as CYBEREIGN, M3taN01a, Dark Prophet, Ian Lee, X Truder, and Zappenduster, this new compilation will present with its 7 tracks, tons of depth, character, and innovation, all while exploring the vast soundscapes of audio synthesis.

Beginning the digital pack, M3taN01a, introduces "Untitled", a charming, soulful, somehow suspenseful tune made up of thick, slightly gritty analog basstones, while warm enigmatic pads and stabs in an almost Japanese manner, lay down a strong melodic element to this song that really softens the mood while adding an intriguing vibe overall.

Zappenduster coming next, introduces the listener to the underworld of "Ich sitze in deiner optik", a deranged tune that dives right down into the cold waters and will raise the hairs on your neck with mysterious, desolate melodies that hint at something, yet you can't quite make out what that is. All you know is the rhythmic Electro beats and relentless sequencing pull you in as the sawtooth basstones sweep you further and further into this unfriendly space.

Moving on, CYBEREIGN's "Last of Us", is an intelligent, soulful song infused with a really groovy attitude that balances out well between being melodic and keeping a consistent dancefloor drive, pushed forward by extremely tight, fluid sequencing that creates a very enigmatic vibe throughout. Ian Lee's "two faces" coming next, is an eccentric adventure that breaks through into an ever-changing soundscape of dynamic arrangements that from start to finish, presents a very eclectic song, traveling through quite varied, at times opposite styles, somehow perfectly blending them to deliver this masterpiece.

Will Web signs "Tears in Rain" to the compilation, a jazzy, soulful track that sounds like Detroit Techno Bass in 2050. A futuristic approach to the Electro sound of the Motorcity, driven by complex sequence layers, and that classic Detroit synth sound found in some of the great Techno hits to come from city. X Truder's "Glow" on the other hand, increases the pressure by signing this frantic production to the compilation, reminding me a little bit of Spinks; one of the great artists of the early 2000's Electro sound. Harsh distorted drums advance this powerful machine, pumped full of hypnotizing 303 acid lines and uncanny drones that sound like an invasion from another planet raining down on Earth.

Dark Prophet concludes the compilation with "borderline", another Detroit Techno Bass inspired song with punishing rhythms and commanding bassline. Devious pads here create an intimidating vibe to capture you in the moment and get your body moving, not unlike being in a circle at a party somewhere in the dystopia of Detroit's underground. Classic Techno Bass tune!!! Reminds me a little of some of the great works by legendary German artist Sbassship.

Infected Homework is an impressive compilation, highly recommended by the staff here at Electric Kingdom. Every song exhibits its own unique character, showing a lot of intelectual, technical, and emotional depth, creating a very interesting, ever-changing listening experience that doesn't get boring. These tunes are just as great for the dancefloor as they are for simply cruising around your city and letting your mind digest the tremendous amount of sonic information you are about to experience!

Listen to the full album below:


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