V/A - Interference

Updated: Nov 14, 2018

After two highly acclaimed Electro 12” releases, “Seance” & “Muteness”, the brilliant Latvia based label returns with its third compilation to date featuring a plethora of renown artists in unexpected collaborations. A not so obvious exercise where they all get away easily.

Electro veteran Cosmic Force (Clone, Marguerita Recordings) & emerging Alavux (Bass Agenda Recordings, Advanced) engage hostilities with “Solar Flares”, a milestone of a dramatic cut made of bubbling modulations and relentless drums. Sometimes very atmospheric, this fantastic introduction to “Inference” offers some epic breaks and vocoder sequences.

On hypnotizing “Age Of Turbulence”, newcomer Docta Gee (Logical Latvia, Seven Sisters) teams up with legendary electronic band Somatic Responses (Photon Emissions, Hymen Records) to deliver a powerful syncopated song built around heading sororities and industrial tones. Surprisingly calm for a cut where Somatic Responses is involved, the track sounds like the perfect DJ tool to energize your crowd at 4am.

With ace “Four Candles”, Koova (Central Processing Unit, Brokntoys) & DVS NME (Transient Force, Mars Frequency) put together their “dark science” of machine manipulation to present a very emotive track based upon Dopplereffekt sororities and lazy synth programming. Inspired and visionary at the same time!

First tune of the B side is due to the pair Krypton 81 (Subsonic Device, Bass Agenda Recordings) & Cosmic Monkey (Seven Sisters). Their “Imitator” has no equal and delivers incredible vocodered lyrics over a brilliant Detroitish melody. Top notch!

Chernobyl producer Lectromagnetique (EMC, Bass Agenda Recordings) associated with Mongolian born artist Olloy, sign an atomic “Molecular Cloud” made of uncontrolled beats fused into a soulful atmosphere, while unstable drums progressively open your mind to previously invisible universes. A warm gem hailing from cold countries IMO.

French don Franck Kartell (Bass Agenda Recordings, New Flesh Records) & Komarken Electronics (AC Records, Solar One Music) conclude the 12” with “Iterative Arrays”, a killer ode to synthesizers, characterized by wonderful sonic flights and spacey atmospheres, while some Kraftwerkian influences lay in the background.

Blind Allies is nothing but Electronic Music in its purest form, so rush on this awesome label as every release is a little jewel. The imprint switches to higher speeds this month with "Perception Model", its first digital output from the like of emerging talent Void Cells. Don’t sleep on this one neither!


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