V/A - Invaders

Since 2015, Netherlands based UMX imprint lead by excellent Paul Van Leeuwen keeps on enjoying our ears with eclectic and always different releases one after the other. UMX010 makes no exception, serving up a batch of four refined Electro cuts from artists from all horizons.

For a long time hiding in the shadows, emerging producer from US Danny Electro (Devine Disorder, Anti Gravity Device) takes command of the A side with a couple of mind blowing cuts mastered by none other than David Noller of Dynamix II himself!

Opener “Invasion” celebrates the fate of human race after an outerspace lethal assault. Sharp yet merciless 808 drums will put you in a circle, while acidic loops to appear by the middle of the cut will achieve to blow you away in unstoppable breakdance moves. Top notch!

Noir “Slow Decay” instantly following, serves up a forward thinking song interspersed with intricate lyrics taken from NASA archives and Sci-Fi movies, adding some tension to an ace melodic Electro Bass track!

On the reverse, much advanced “Future Japanese II Metamorphosis” marks the debut of Yosuke Ikeda aka AE35 (Anti Gravity Device, Fdb Recordings) on UMX. The track offers an epic journey into the year 2035, thanks to cracking Electro beats fused with bubbling 303 and robotic vocals.

Last but not the least, old school breakbeat assault “Andromixedup” from UMX regular Natural Nate and Jiggabot, sees a remix treatment by Danny Electro in a totally robotic version.

Available in extremely limited quantity (only 150 copies worldwide), UMX010 is a must have for any lover of rough and dance floor friendly Electro. You can’t go wrong with Paul Van Leeuwen’s label, rush on it with closed eyes but ears opened!

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