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V/A - Machine Funk Is Our Game Vol. 3

Kraftjerkz has dropped a monster compilation, featuring different forms of Electro, from dirty raw grinders, to refined cleaned soothers. "Machine Funk Is Our Game Vol. 3" certainly proves its name sake with six engaging cutting edge Electro tunes.

Here's a quick look at the bassy lowlights.

Stallone The Reducer - The Kid Stays

Stallone the Reducer knocks his way into the room with a bass drum crusher that will clear a circle for some slow breaking action with its heavy beat and out of hand edits.

Weakmassive - Triangle

WeakMassive twists the dial around to a heady shaker of a tune, filled with smart synth jabs and unexpected compositions sure to bring an upbeat vibe to any session.

Kid Ginseng - Luxurious

Kid Ginseng continues to pick up the pace on the comp with Luxurious, featuring exploring vocals from Wendy James, who makes this tune with her Luxurious rhyme scheme that flows over driving Electro beats and classic edits.

Drakkar Noir - Chromies

Moving further into the groove, reveals Drakkar Noir's contribution, "Chromies", a serious toned piece with distorted vocoders, rifted over a heavy bassline that won't relent until the very end.

Bookworms - ???

Bookworm peaks their slimy head from beyond the spine of their latest pulpy massacre, with a tweaked out basement of a tune populated with driving bass beats and crispy electronic slashes, underpinned by a since of Ravey furiosity.

Foil - Cage Paralysis

Coming full circle back to a slower, but no more deadly of an Electro tune by Foil called "Caged Paralysis", the compilation ends on a solid note with this foreboding electronic Malay of a tune composed of heavy 808 influences and synthetic soundscapes.

Machine Funk Is Our Game Vol. 3 is available as a limited vinyl edition here, and in digital download format at Kraftjerkz's Bandcamp. Also check out Clone's selection of Kraftjerkz's previous vinyl titles to get caught up on this solid Electro label's catalog.

Listen to "Machine Funk is Our Game V 3" below: