V/A - Machine Funk Is Our Game Vol. 4

Kraftjerkz's "Machine Funk Is Our Game Volume 4", is an extra solid piece of wax — also available on digital — to add to the "get the crowd up and about" crate.

The thick vinyl was lacquer cut by Dietrich Schoenemann at Complete Mastering, pressed by Brooklynphono, and inspired by Bunker Den. The record is the fourth in the "Machine Funk Is Our Game" series, and features five Electro tunes similar in their genre, but each stands alone in their own right with their attention to that classic Electro Funk one may hear bumping in late night backroom DJ sessions.

Succisa - Velamen

As the record gets going, the opening beats hit hard, while an "in-your-face" bassline grinds the senses, each periodically joined by an effected seductive vocal. Full of sweeps and stabs, the up-tempo track careens forward in a hail of mechanized sounds that hold true to the "Machine Funk" title.

Martial Canterel - Larktro

An infectious groove sets the tone for this second tune. A quartet of machines do Jazz-like solos that will keep the booty shaking to the very end of this catchy jam.

Alonzo - Mile Marker 84

Vocoded vocals "Uno, dos, tres, quatro" entices listeners straight away to get into the drum beat on the flip side of this hefty 12". The computerized pulses glide easily over Long Play bass notes with high keys, drenching the song with an upbeat but melodic feel.

BPMF - Stoopid Triques

B2 goes right for the throat with a fast-paced blister of drums, vocal samples, bleep starts/stops, and rhythm changes. New Machine Funked out elements appear like raver specters as the needle glides toward the center spindle on the median track.

AFQ - Eleusinian Blade

AFQ makes no secret they're going to use their "Eleusinian Blade" to poke and prod at your sanity from the very beginning. Mental vocals and laughter come and go, as the steady beat lolls you into a world of electronic madness created by a wobbling bass, falling symbols, and a carnival like Theremin sound that creeps in the background on this last tune.

There are only 10 copies left of Kraftjerkz's "Machine Funk is our Game Volume 4" 12", so don't sleep on grabbing a copy from KJ's Bandcamp page. Keep an eye out for Volume 5 hitting a record store near you soon. Find other Kraftjerkz releases at Bandcamp, and other online record shops.

Reviewed by: Lb.IP


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