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Netherlands based UMX returns with one hell of a release! Its twelfth release to date since the inception of the label back in 2015. Serving up another outstanding compilation, Underground Music Xperience 012 features two never before signed artists and a familiar figure on the Electro imprint. Hailing from Denmark, Krypton 81 (Bass Agenda Recordings, Subsonic Device) invests A side with 3 tracks of his trademark.

Faithful to the robotic aesthetic of UMX, while moving forward in a new direction, the duo composed of Martin Stoffregen and Per Lind introduces through “Morse Code” an easy to decipher message: dance while the record spins! Made of relentless Electro beats and old schoolish frequencies, the song delivers a nice end of war atmosphere thanks to eerie signals and precedes “Number Station”. A milestone of a dancefloor tune characterized by cosmic tones. The cut alternates between impressive outer space vocals and instrumental sequences under epic synth melodies. Top notch!

Last cut of the side, retro “Telephone Operator” slows down the tempo to sign a hypnotic song based upon female and NASA vocals, classic samples and a groovy bassline.

On the reverse, Ukrainian infamous Lectromagnetique (Electro Music Coallition, Blind Allies) serves up with dark “Reflection”, an introspective yet hard-hitting jam driven by a powerful 808 over a discrète but efficient 303.

Punishing “Night Running” by UK talent Cybereign (Lasergun Records, Borg Recordings) leads the EP to a magistral conclusion, distilling nostalgic vibes a la Orbital along with brutal beats, some bubbling textures growing in the background, and without ever losing its sensitive or deep atmospheres that are guaranteed to create a tingle down your spine.

Collection of outstanding tunes, this massive five tracker EP invites you to travel at Light Speed through Bass, Space and Time. 

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