V/A - Restless Breed 4.0

Stonedwave Records, German imprint responsible for recent vinyl outings such as Soundex Phonetic's "Era", or perhaps Chordata's "Masg Of Orahii", returns with its 4th installment in its Restless Breed series, this time featuring familiar names such as Dez Williams, Chiptronic or even Chordata herself.

Available as an extremely limited vinyl release, with only 75 copies pressed and featuring hand-painted artwork, this new Restless Breed compilation is a must have for fans of tenacious, relentless and mind-bending Electro and Techno tunes.

Some of the pure Electro standouts for me, with deeply crafted sonic flares and innovative composition and programming, are Jochen Heym and his tune "Welcome", the Sane remix of Chiptronic's "Glamour", Dez Williams' "Wablinth", and Chordata's "Antisocialite", while fans of hypnotic and deep 4x4 cuts will enjoy tunes like Mülli's "Time To Dance", Mari Van Dus' "Down Under" and the spellbinding ride it will take you on, or perhaps DJ Ze MigL's "Sensible", and the frantic vibes you'll encounter here.

Restless Breed 4.0 is available now through the label's Bandcamp page, so head on over and support the revival of the underground Electro vinyl scene and the independent artists who make it all happen. Highly recommended release by the Electric Kingdom team!

Stay informed by going to Stonedwave Records' Bandcamp, where you can already pre-order the upcoming split vinyl release by Sane and Chiptronic, as well as the first full label release by Ulf Kramer called "Pupillen Rephlex EP".


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