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Roman imprint Nodezero Electronics returns, this time with the magical, mind-bending collection that is Spin Sonic Division 1. A compilation that brings together the talents of Andrea Benedetti, AHK, Anywave, Direct Y, Filippo Torre, H501L, Lapelle, Marco Cinque, Monoscum, Nexus, and Seeds On Sofa; forming an eclectic and enigmatic listening experience that will take you through many of the sub-genres of Electro music with pure ingenuity and soulful compositions that will tantalize your every neuron!

As we begin, Filipo Torre introduces "Circeo Birds"; a spellbinding production with rich analog atmospheres, profound melodic elements, and in general very complex sound design that truly creates a world you can step into as you bathe in the sonic mastery of this artist that quite literally in one listen, has become one of my favorites! Personally I was taken back to my teenage years in the Rave scene, where deep mysterious music challenged my own evolution as part of this human species.

Next up, Ahk signs to the compilation the soulful "Coz U Suck". While the name might seem almost more fit for a typical Rap song, this tune is a fascinating production where sensual female vocals decorate the complex soundscapes of rich analog basslines, deep and intriguing melodies and otherworldly bizarre sequences. Reminds me a bit of Wild Planet from Warp.

Carrying forward, we find "New Born" by Direct Y; a playful Breaks tune that is a bit like the works of Aphex Twin, soon finding itself being torn apart into a glitchy breakdown, only to once again return to a luminous, inspiring composition that is very thought provoking. Beautiful song!

Monoscum coming next takes all the soothing melancholy out of the mix, and brings in the fierce "Molten Matter". This mysterious, intelligent, and downright mischievous tune reminds me of some of the Electro works of the early 2000's, like perhaps Mystery Man or Resident Alien. Like the compositions of another race from a faraway galaxy, fearsome, complex and resonating on some space unknown to the average human.

Seeds On Sofa delivers with "Zentron", my favorite song so far perhaps. A warm Electro Bass tune with a solid rhythm that works alongside a deep bassline that soon morphs into a wicked 303 acid line. The abstract melodies that suddenly come in like masterful AI compositions, are innovative and futuristic, spacey and thought-provoking. Lovely tune, amazing atmospheres!

H501L comes up next, with a wicked, glitchy Hip Hop tune called "Cold Water In The Face", paying homage to the days of Sugar Hill Gang and the like, fusing into this production the modern styles of bands like Boards Of Canada. The melodies you'll find here are playful, vibrant, beautifully designed, with an edge to the textures thanks to strong modulation that creates a unique, spaced out atmosphere.

Andrea Benedetti slows things down some more with the experimental downtempo song "Red Signal", straddling Hip Hop flavors, driven by relentless news alert samples that are soon met by a barrage of laser zaps that modulate rapidly like anti-matter weapons. Anywave on the other hand, begins to dive the listener back into a delightful electronic experience where dazzling arpeggios are bathed by nostalgic pads that are themselves almost drowning in their own analog richness. A sumptuous Italo track called "The Sound Archive Paradox" that will surely please your senses with its soothing approach.

Lapelle begins to speed up the tempos once again with "lo Non Ballo", introducing here a hypnotic Electro composition with a resonating, edgy warm analog bass as the gleaming, mystifying pads weave together with the sequencing and classic Electro Funk beats, full of claps and old school rhythms, that eventually morph into soothing 4x4 stomps, creating another tune that is strongly reminiscent of Boards Of Canada to me. A wonderful journey! Top notch.

Nexus coming next as we begin descent and heading towards the closing of this incredible album, brings in "Gateway". This Trance inspired tune is full of complex sequences, rich in textures and enigmatic atmospheres, captivating the mind and soul with every step along the way. A truly fascinating ride that doesn't get tiring. Very profound tune.

Marco Cinque closes things up with "Psychodapelia"; an experimental tune that is a bit like Pink Floyd's "On The Run", brought together with aggressive downtempo beats and shrewd samples and sound manipulation. Fairly mind-bending tune, not for the faint of heart!

Overall this new output on Nodezero Electronics shows the class and dedication the label and its artists have towards Electronic music, delivering classic, soulful, yet at times innovative and envelope-pushing material that is really interesting and satisfying to listen to. Unique, yet often familiar and for me personally with some of these songs, the kind of thing that makes me proud to be part of such a scene where people truly care to make songs that make you feel and make you think...deeper! And that's what it's all about perhaps.

Highly recommended album, please support by purchasing a copy from the label's Bandcamp page.

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