V/A - ut002

Barcelona based Util Records continues forward with its second vinyl installment, this time bringing in Dark Vektor and his new song "Es Que No Lo Veis", as well as N-ter and "INTB", not to mention new works by Alex Martin and Honexters, and collaborations between Vema and The Bandit and Honexters.

Starting off, the first cut we find on the A side is "Sulfur Fume" by Catalonian Electro masters The Bandit and Vema. This soothing, dreamy tune is an anthem of modern Electro Bass with luscious, mind-bending synths, carried on top of perfectly crafted beats that pierce the dancefloor with sharp stomps.

Next, Álex Martín introduces "F4nk", which at first seems to hint at being rather morbid and perhaps a little sinister. I am not sure if it can be said that this undercurrent doesn't exist within the soul of this tune, but if anything, from the darkness brewing beneath blooms something disturbingly beautiful that pulls you in some sort of trance. The tempos a little slower, the programming very complex and masterfully executed, the vibes always somehow unhealthy and uninviting, and yet, you will come back to this tune over and over attempting to decipher its uncanny ingenuity.

Moving on, Vema teams up this time with Honexters, whom you may remember from Dark Vektor's remix album "Terrasa (Ciutat Industrial) - The Remixes)" on Elektrodos Recordings back in 2016. This tormented production called "Hypoxia", is another heart-pounding, ferocious tune made up of gloomy synths, while Electro beats on hyperdrive meet bits of early 90's rave that sneak in a little, quickly evolving into an aggressive dancefloor jam that should be on any DJ's playlist!

Honexters, coming next and opening side B, introduce "Centripetal Force", which at first to me sounds almost like a 21st century Electro Bass revision of Josh Wink's "Higher State Of Consciousness"; one of the rave era's biggest classics. But here, Honexter's is by no means replicating, but really innovating on methods old and new, adding a slight experimental feel, while pushing the envelope of sound manipulation with true intent. Very versatile tune with lots of attitude and character.

Dark Vektor, the Catalonian Electro master that is truly the gift that keeps on giving, who seems incapable of making a bad Electro song, here with "Es Que No Lo Veis" paying homage to the old school Miami Bass sounds, reminiscent of his works on Fdb Recordings and his classic hit "Basscelona". Complex rhythms, shrewd vocoders and samples, together with Arnau's innate ability with programming sequencers, packs a punch into this Electro Bass bombshell that will get some serious crowds hoppin'!

Last but certainly not least, N-ter concludes the compilation with "INTB", a forward-thinking, yet somehow classic Detroit-inspired Techno Bass tune bathed in rich pads that envelope around it like silk sheets blowing in the wind. The chopped up vocal samples paying homage to the sounds of Techno Bass, interweave with decadent analog stabs that billow about, while a razor sharp bassline cuts through like thunder in a Saharan dust storm, reminding me a bit of MAS 2008's work on Detroit imprint Twilight 76 many years ago.

Overall a must have compilation, some really great dancefloor gems on this one! Every track guaranteed to move a crowd. The careful work on rhythms is as much evident as the attention to detail in the melodic compositions that are pumped chuck full o' soul and funk.

Listen to the album below, and buy the 12" vinyl if you can, it's a very limited press and its a purchase you won't be disappointed with:


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