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Updated: Feb 5, 2019

Back in November of 2018, Madrid-based Noise To Meet You introduced itself with its debut vinyl compilation titled "Uxu", presenting in a beautiful white 12" disc, 5 new tunes from Astro Quake, Synth Alien, ElectroBerlin, Module 3F, Ticco Ross, and Vronsky; each bringing a very unique sonic footprint to this wonderful collection of Electro tunes.

Starting the record off is Astro Quake's "Panspermia". This downtempo gem, in all its analog-driven glory, is an absolute marvel infused with synth flights of fancy, turning this journey into a beautiful escape to a far away galaxy, where Quazars and Pulsars emit light and sound all around you, while sweeping you into a void that fills you with a strange sense of peace. Wow, just wow!

Moving along, Synth Alien's "Na Bretema" is an ode to Sci-Fi and Synth-Pop styles. A song that is a bit shy, playful, and reminding me a bit of some of the works by Solvent or Lowfish, but heavier, with kicks thumping a bit more than you'd expect, yet full of retro nostalgia and oozing with emotive energies. Beautiful!

As we begin to get a strong sense of this label's vision for Electro music, we see that strong song composition is key to these guys, and I couldn't agree more! I get the feeling already not one song will leave an empty hole anywhere on this compilation, and ElectroBerlin's "No Return" is no exception. The tempos pick up speed here, the beats a bit more aggressive with a little distortion, while rimshots and brilliant hi hats keep the groove in this tightly produced melancholic jam.

Module 3F comes next, and introduces "Jump Into The Void". This soothing track provides a revitalizing experience that fills your senses to saturate them with depth to spare. The synth stabs charm you from the second they hit, while the beats get even more crafty, full of warmth and drive, and the pads almost hypnotizing and able to cut straight into your sub-conscious. Reminds me of songs I've heard from labels like Electrix or Mikrolux perhaps. This very specific style of Electro that is a bit rare, but highly intelligent and classy...like the finest red wine!

Ticco Ross coming next introduces "Aliens Wanna Fuck Our Earth Girls", and once again begins to take the listener down to a place where mesmerizing layers of pads and synths blanket over you like space dust, creating an aura of mystery around you while the abrassive beats touch down and race along with shimmering hi hats that almost seem to fly off like sparks. Very unique tune!

Lastly, Vronsky concludes the record with "February 26", a suspenseful Electro Bass cut with complex gleaming sequences and melancholic bass tones, slightly aggressive but soothing somehow, that are bathed in rich pads that cut right through you and add such a beautiful feel to the song. Vronsky is an artist to look for, no doubt! Someone whose style is hard to pin down, very original vibes throughout his songs, as witnessed on his previous Thieves of Time release from back in 2015.

This compilation is a very recommended title by an imprint that already shows in its beginnings tremendous promise, displaying nothing but class, ingenuity, and stewardship in promoting genuine Electro music with such attention to detail from presentation, to each and every song curated for this collection. Pick this one up, you won't regret it!


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