V/A - ZwaarteKracht 1

Belgian-based ZwaarteKracht label debuts with a vinyl compilation that you are really gonna dig! Featuring new works by Cleromancer, Innershades, DerDieDas, and label mastermind Arsonist Recorder, this powerful release explores the more tenacious, uninviting realms of Electro music, offering 4 cuts that are a must for the dancefloor!

Getting things started, Cleromancer introduces "Je Suis Unic", a funky fresh tune paying its respects to old school Electro Funk, with a contemporary touch that doesn't make this track seem outdated, or attempting to rehash old sounds, instead it authentically nods its head to the past while dashing towards the future with maticulate rhythms, rich vocoders, vibrant basses, and sumptous melodies to complete immerse you in this fascinating track.

Next, Innershades' "Cold Front" is a sinister ride reminiscent of works like "Area 5" off the Demon EP by SEM. Old school hit if you've never heard of it. Here, this brooding production gets possessed by an unstoppable bass sequence, as suspenseful synths take flight and into oblivion. What an amazing tune! Determined, profound, and uncanny.

On the flipside, DerDieDas delivers with "Wuzungu", a song that is like an Electromagnetic storm taking over your surroundings, dropping some seriously futuristic bass on you as the rest of the ingenious drum programming on this tune speeds on by like a bullet train.

Lastly, Arsonist Recorder's "Aqua" closes this vinyl EP with a bizarre and twisted production driven by quirky sequences, almost sounding like aliens speaking in tongues, while pounding Electro rhythms sputter modulations about while pushing forward like a hydraulic machine. Killer segway tune here!

ZwaarteKracht's debut is a highly recommended compilation. We cannot stress enough what a magnificent record this is for the dancefloor. Every tune, while crafted with depth, and creating a thorough listening experience, also displays an undeniable energy that strongly focuses on the dancefloor. Must have!


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