Vema Diodes - Dark Ambition

Vema Diodes, rising Electro purveyor hailing from the country of Spain, signs to new label "Util Records" to unleash his first-ever vinyl release to date titled "Dark Ambition". Featuring 4 cuts of Electro Bass madness, Vema Diodes is perhaps best characterized by a harsh ambitious sound that blends together the sounds of New School Electro with the gritty modern sounds of Breaks.

Kicking things off, the title tune "Dark Ambition" eerily welcomes you into the realms of analog circuitry, as an acidic, grimmy bassline arpeggio begins the assault, while soothing, sensual pads are suddenly met by suspenseful stabs and alarm tones that remind me of the old school Rave era. Top tune!

Next up, "M.O.F." is a bit of a profound tune, borrowing elements in some ways from the classic "Scorpio" by Grandmaster Flash, with that slower, rather stompy tempo that gets the B-boys going crazy on the dancefloor, but introducing something that this old school hit would have greatly benefited from: that is the rich alluring synth composure that adds such depth here, pulling you in with a brooding sense of emotion that is one of the real reasons I love Electro music...the vibe!

Flipping the record over to the B side, we find "Cooking Electro". Indeed musically, our artists are of the most talented Chefs, who time and time again take great care in preparing food for the heart, mind and soul in ways that are so unique and perplexing. This tune is no exception, but it does change things up a bit; a bit more Breaky this time around, and full of glitchy programming that stimulates if not over stimulates to the point of losing one's touch with reality some. Soon though, the heavenly pads and playful piano tones add some emotive elements to the song to capture your attention with a bit of gentleness.

Lastly, "Dirty Tube" leaves us with a heavy assault, influenced in some ways by the Miami sounds of Electro Bass, which aims a bit more towards the sub-genre of Electro Core created by the likes of I.B.M. and Jackal N Hyde, while also reminding me a lot of the infamous Bass Junkie. Here, ferocious bass beats meet intelligent sequencing, sounding like AI waking up at the moment of singularity. This is a bewildering attack on your senses by sonic manipulations that strike from every corner without mercy! What a tune! This may be my favorite on this record.

What I personally like about this record, other than the fact it's on wax, and has a great overall sound to it, is that it is quite varied. Doesn't get tiring to listen to, nor is it one of those records where playing any track may as well do since they all sound basically the same. Here, you are offered 4 totally different tunes, each with their own unique character, making a record you can play in its entirety in a set and make it work very well. Without question each tune would be the highlight of the night.

Great start for Barcelona based Util Records, and a great step forward for Vema Diodes, who proves with Dark Ambition, that a true sonic warrior has stepped up to the fight and is here to stay. Highly recommended, don't miss on this one. Purchase directly from the label's Bandcamp page.


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