Vema Diodes & The Bandit - UT004 Split E.P.

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

The Bandit and Vema Diodes team up for the fourth installment on Útil Records. Delivering 3 new tracks each, these two gems of the Spanish and Catalonian Electro scenes deliver an extremely versatile collection of mind bending, yet somehow soothing masterpieces, along with a couple frantic club bangers that are a must have for your next DJ set.

Diving straight in, the record gets off to a maddening start, bringing in some serious heat from Vema Diodes and the track "Dialecto Periférico". A track along the vein of artists like Dynamix II, or perhaps Bass Junkie and his many pseudonyms like I.B.M. or Kronos Device, driven by pure malevolent Electro madness, and displaying some seriously deviant sonic fury in every aspect of this production.

The second track you'll find on this slab of wax is "Distance", another song by Vema Diodes, but this one the complete opposite of the latter, as it brings in an obscure array of sonic effects that bewilder the mind, as soul piercing pads flow in and out very gracefully. This has anthem written all over it, and in some ways it'll catapult the listener back to the Rave era, where captivating and emotive compositions a bit like this one were such a staple of the scene. Lastly, make sure to check out his last track on the record called "Annoying Silence", a classic Electro jam fusing all the right elements of funk, with dark Sci-Fi aesthetics.

Moving on, The Bandit takes over, and here on side B (AA) you will find 3 more tunes of pure, in your face Electro bliss, with a sonic splash of nostalgic ravey vibes. His first tune presented, "Da Root" starts of heavy and frantic, with furiously driven percussion and rhythmic sequencing, with the track suddenly falling into a chasm of uplifting and very cleverly programmed melodies.

Next up, The Bandit gets a bit spacey and reflective as a mysterious aura surrounds the next song called "Demonstration Needed". This tribal song speaks in an almost eerie, alien language, and in general just forms this incredibly perplexing atmosphere that is something you simply have to listen to, in order to understand it. In conclusion, the artist leaves the listener wanting just a bit more with the high-energy drive of "Madnex"; a club hit with flares of breaks elements, and hypnotic beats crafted with the absolute precision of a lunar orbiter, destined to stomp dancefloors across the world without mercy!

Útil Records' "UT004 Split E.P." by Vema Diodes and The Bandit was released on the 15th of September, on vinyl and digital formats. You can purchase directly via the label's Bandcamp, or wherever you buy vinyl and digital tunes.

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