Victoria Lukas

Updated: Jan 26

One of the most beloved artists to ever grace the Electro scene © V. Lukas official/Facebook

One of the most alluring female artists to have ever come up in the Electronic scene, Victoria Lukas; real name Vika Tumanova, was a passionate and highly enigmatic force that through her solo projects like Vita, or perhaps the mystical Inkamera, not to mention her collaboration with Dopplereffekt's Gerald Donald as the duo "Zerkalo", or even her live sets that showed such a professional and undying dedication to her work, displayed time and time again, that she was, without question, one of the single most visionary Electro artists of our time.

Victoria Lukas got her starts in the scene back in 2009 while working with Donald under the Zerkalo project; debuting on Dutch label Clone's Aqualung series with the "Stoi Storoni Zerkala - Part I" vinyl release; followed shortly after with the second part in the series, that together truly should be on any vinyl collector's list!

Cold and eerie vibes permeated throughout these eccentric Electro records, displaying from the beginning not just the refined and visionary talent that would continue to drive Zerkalo forward, but the beautifully complex and seductive voice of Victoria Lukas, in some ways reminding listeners of artists such as Portishead's Beth Gibbons. Cold and dark at times, yet deeply emotional, brooding, and conveying the struggle that's buried within in such a captivating and unique manner.

Going into the second decade of the new millenium, Victoria Lukas would team up with someone who would go on to become her most loyal ally for the rest of the 2010's, publishing the "Nuclear Invasion" vinyl record on iconic Last Known Trajectory label, alongside underground purveyor of the Electro sound, Jauzas The Shining; long time project of French artist Romain Jauzas.

He recalls in a short interview that: "I met for the first time Victoria on the internet at the end of Myspace, and then by so much we started to try to work together. I sent her demos, and then it stuck directly". So much so was the artistic connection in fact, that they would go on to record 3 more vinyl Electro EP's: "Shadows", "Multiple",and "Scrutinizing You", on labels Last Known Trajectory and David Carretta's Space Factory. Jauzas goes on to add that: "We quickly got hooked because we had the same musical sensitivity, so that's not done naturally. She was a sacred artist with an exacerbating sensitivity, and a lot of talent".

Throughout the rest of the last decade, Victoria Lukas would go on to release on some of the most special projects to hit the vinyl bins and digital shelves, such as the legendary 808 box sets from Spanish label Fundamental Records, as well as the "Touched Two" mega compilation on Touched Music, not to mention releases such as Bass Agenda's "War on Error" compilation under the timeless Inkamera pseudonym.

Ultimately, and quite tragically, it would be cancer that would eventually take away one of the single most unique artists you could have found in the Electro scene. After a long battle with the disease, Victoria Lukas unfortunately succumbed to it in 2020, leaving behind a legacy so perplexing, it will take years for many of us to come to truly understand it.

She was not just one of the finest examples of the kind of refined and visionary talent our music scene has to offer, but she also served as such an amazing role model, especially for other aspiring women artists out there. She will be forever missed, but never forgotten as her spirit will continue to live on through her mystifying and deeply touching music.


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