Watch: Behringer Shares Video for Upcoming Crave Synthesizer

Hot on the heels of some of its most sought after clones coming to fruition, such as the K-2 synthesizer (an MS-20 clone), Pro-1, and perhaps one of its most monumental choices, the RD-808 drum machine, Behringer has taken to social media to share a video for another very sought after beauty; and one of original design like its iconic Neutron synthesizer, the versatile Crave.

This single oscillator unit gets its sound from the infamous 3340 VCO found on the legendary Prophet 5 synthesizer, sculpted to perfection by a Moog ladder filter, and expanded upon by a versatile sequencer, and a plethora of patchable points that make it a perfect companion to any Eurorack set up, or even synthesizers such as the ARP Odyssey which include multiple CV I/O's for some added fun.

The Crave synthesizer is available for pre-order now wherever you buy musical instruments, so make sure to get in line as this one is gonna be another heavy hitter like its Neutron and Model D synths. It is listed at a steal of a price of US $249.

Watch the video above to see the Crave in action!