Watch: Behringer Shares Video of First Live Jam Session With Rev 1 of Upcoming RD-808 Drum Machine

Behringer has been on quite a streak over the past year, teasing the world community with images and videos of all sorts of prototypes of potential clones like the Pro-One, OB-Xa, as well as a very cool new original Semi-Modular synth called the Neutron; of which the first units have begun shipping and arriving at their respective new homes as of late. One of the most interesting clone teases so far however, has been its supposed upcoming 808 drum machine called the RD-808.

As opposed to Roland's boutique version, which operates on the company's proprietary ACB Technology (Analog Circuit Behavior), this new one by Behringer is fully analog, similar in size to the original TR-808, but with a few added features which will make this one absolutely a must have if it comes to pass.

Underneath the hood, the new RD-808 will pack a bus compressor; which can be individually applied to each instrument out, of which there are a total of eleven, or the master itself. A dual filter with dedicated controls has been added which is quite a nice touch, as well as an integrated Waveform Designer.

Final specs have not been released yet, nor is there a set release date. However, as with the Behringer D, this particular clone seems to be heading for the shops soon. Let's hope that is the case!

Stay tuned, and please, watch the first jam session with the company's first revision of the RD-808. Happy 808 day everyone! :)

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