Watch: Behringer to Restore "LinnDrum" Drum Machine Used by Iconic Duo Tears For Fears

Updated: May 8, 2020

For a little over a year now, Behringer has been not just upping the ante time and time again with mind-blowing synth cloning that doesn't have any end in sight; everything from SH-101's to MC303's and everything in between, but also busy at work doing something rather diligent and responsible in helping to preserve modern music history, especially that of Electronic Music, and even more specifically, that of the famous duo Tears For Fears.

With plans for a synth museum well underway, the company has been acquiring some truly rare gems from around the globe, like a Roland SH-5 that came straight from Italy, and perhaps most interesting, a collection of instruments used by legendary band Tears For Fears, which were unfortunately in really rough shape.

After beginning restoration on the group's old Yamaha DX-1 and Prophet 5, Behringer is now taking aim at restoring the one instrument that wasn't just at the core of the sound for Tears For Fears, but for many bands in the 80's: The iconic LinnDrum.

Developed by Roger Linn; who is also responsible for the development of the Akai MPC series, the LinnDrum became one of the most sought after drum machines of the decade, with everyone from Peter Gabriel, to Jean-Michel Jarre using it for its rich, warm, and punchy sound. If you were a fan of hit songs like "Shout" by Tears For Fears, then you would instantly recognize the undeniably driving sound of the LinnDrum.

Watch the video above and let Behringer walk you through this interesting find and what it will take to get it back to working condition. You can also read more about Tears For Fears here.